We recently sat down with the number 1 wine brand in both Australia and the UK, Accolade Wines.  Accolade booked nine talent off theright.fit and we couldn’t wait to hear how it went.

1. Tell us a bit about the brand?

This 2 day photoshoot was for Accolade Wines, a company that houses a number of premium wine brands. Accolade Wines is the number one wine company in Australia and the UK by volume, and the fifth largest wine company in the world. The photoshoot was designed with a number of our key brands in mind to create some content for in-store point of sale and social media. Some of the brands represented on the day included Grant Burge (@grantburgewines), St Hallett (@st_hallett), Petaluma (@petalumawine), Days of Rosé (@daysofrosewines), Hardys (hardyswines) and Ta_Ku (@ta_kuwines).
Accolade Wines

2. Where did the inspiration come from? 

The idea behind the photoshoot was around wine occasions and making wine relevant for all seasons and all occasions. Over the two days we covered all four seasons with reds, whites and bubbles as well recreating a celebration, night in at home, date night and BBQ with friends. We had this big amazing house in Vaucluse that had a number of different areas that we shot in including the kitchen, lounge, by the pool etc. to make it look like a lot of different shoots.

3. What were you looking for in your talent?

 For our talent we weren’t looking for high fashion or uniquely different models but more easy going, friendly looking talent who could look like your group of (very attractive) friends. 

Accolade Wines
Accolade Wines

4. Who did you select and why? 

We had a selection of 9 talent across the two days – all of whom brought their own flair and look to the shoot. I chose talent who had natural beauty, easy smiles and had experience with lifestyle shoots. I chose a range of ages, looks and had a mix of male and female to make sure each shot looked like a different scene. We even had a married couple on the shoot who were perfect at replicating a night in on the couch with your partner with a glass of red in hand.

5. How did it go? 

It went exceptionally well. Everyone I hired turned up on time, were enthusiastic and most importantly super easy to work with and took direction great. They didn’t mind me changing their outfits or the wines in the middle of a shoot, asking them to look lovingly into a strangers eyes or cooking meat on a BBQ for someone who was vegan. Throughout both days I remember laughing a lot as everyone got on so well. I couldn’t have asked for a better group and the output of the photos reflected that. We rarely had a bad shot and because we achieved what we needed very quickly I then had time to get more content and throw some ad hoc shots into the mix when inspiration struck.

Accolade Wines

6. What’s next for the brand? 

I’m always working on new content across the over 15 brands that we have at Accolade Wines so there is plenty going on. For these shots specifically, you will start to see them in-store for the upcoming Summer campaigns and across some of our social media channels.  

7. Final thoughts?

Both days went really well, in fact all the talent were all really great to work with! 

Talent booked
Stephen Lefranco
Aaron Pirini
Andrew MacIver
Simone Azzi
Ziggy Daher
Tess Dobre
Cristina Mentozza
Jamie Treselyan
Sarah Halloran

By Amber Van Twest