Tell us about your journey with building your profile?

I started my Instagram back when I was in University and had just started going to the gym. I didn’t want anyone to see it so it was originally private just to share my fitness journey. But as time went by, I decided to make my profile public. As I started posting more, I found that people from all over the world were starting to follow – mainly interested in food & exercise. Over time it has become about food, workouts, self love, mindset & becoming the best version of yourself.

Have you had any ‘pinch me’ moments as an influencer?

In 2019 I was flown to Sydney to visit the Google office to learn all about google ads & how to use them to grow small businesses. In 2018 I was flown to Phuket with Reebok where I signed a contract to work exclusively with them for a year and ended up staying with them for 2 years. I absolutely LOVE Reebok & the team so this has been my favourite partnership to date. Reebok found me on Instagram and then the PR team reached out to me!

What does being an influencer mean to you?

I don’t like the term “influencer” as I feel like it’s overused and has some negative connotations. It’s not my full time job which I am grateful for as this means that I ONLY take on jobs I really want to do. I believe in only products/brands that I use and love. My passion is in helping women become their best versions of themselves – mentally & physically. At the end of 2018 I launched Fit With Anjuli – personalised meal & training plans for women all around the world delivered via my app. From all my transformation photos, I had many women reaching out for one on one coaching so I went full time on this in 2019. Many of the women on the #AnjuliFitSquad look for recommendations for everything from supplements to active wear or gym shoes, I am happy to share the products I personally use and love.

How has your account grown over time?

I was sitting around 30,000 a couple of years ago but I posted a transformation photo and it ended getting 24,000 likes and reaching 3-4million accounts. I didn’t watermark the photo and it was shared all across Instagram – some pages credited me, some didn’t. As I posted more transformation photos leading up to WBFF Bikini Competitions, my account started to grow as many big fitness/transformation pages started reposting me. In the space of a few months I went from 30K to 80K then from 80-120K with more viral transformation photos. The last 2-3 years has been the biggest growth of my Instagram.

Example of transformation photos: 

I truly believe that the key to growing online is genuine consistent valuable & high quality content. 

What lessons have you learnt along the way about social media platforms?

I would have watermarked my first ever transformation photo but otherwise I wouldn’t change a thing on Instagram as I am grateful for where I am. 
However, for other platforms I wish that I had started regularly earlier – such as YouTube & Facebook. I now post on YouTube 2x weekly but I think it would have been a faster growth if I was doing it back in University.
I would have also started on TikTok last year in January instead of earlier this year. I was lucky enough to have one video go viral to 6million views there which boosted my account in the space of one week.