This week we sat down with the American multi-channel influencer and all round cool girl, Megan Williams.

Megan has been creating effortlessly gorgeous content for years now via Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and her own personal style blog.

Working with brands in both the domestic and international market, Megan has developed incredible insight and skill in working with brands looking to break into the US market.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

HI! My name is Megan and I am a Travel and style content creator based in SLC, Utah! I have been in the social media industry for about 8 years! I have a one year old and 2 dogs and love spending time with friends and family! 

What part do you enjoy the most?

 I love creating and working with brands! I love learning more and more about this industry and growing each day with my content and photography! 

What kind of brands do you like to work with?

I love working with style/fashion as well as cosmetics and beauty brands! I love styling all over parts of town and love taking action to make my style stand out, I also love to care of my skin in so many ways that I love creating for brands and learning what brands and products benefit for me!  

Have you worked with international brands in the past and would you like to work with more?

My biggest passion is Australian brands! I have gone to Australia a few times and every time I go I find home decor I love, Clothing I’m obsessed with and shoes! Name it all!! I got to give it to you Auzzy, YOU HAVE MY FAVORITE STYLE IN ALL CATEGORIES! 

I also love Singapore branding and styles, As well as Kiwi.. My family is based in NZ and always find goodies over on that side! 

How has the industry changed over the last 12 months?

Ahh this year has been a crazy year! Brands have grown even though we had a crazy 2020 but it has been so great online shopping and staying home and creating content at home (no international travels) this past year to learn and experience online shopping more in every industry! It has been good for everyone! 

What has been your favorite/memorable collaboration to date?

AHh, I have done so many ones that I want to frame on my wall! ha ha I love so many brands and have grown so many relationships with brands all over the world that it is so hard to nail down just one! 

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