Samantha J Dybac

Managing Director and Founder of The PRHub:

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Tell us about you and your business:

I am the Managing Director and founder of The PRHub, a public relations and talent management agency for entrepreneurs and business leaders wanting to raise their profile in the media and be recognised as experts in their field.

I have been in the marketing, media and advertising industry for the past eighteen years and have been a business owner since my early 20’s.

Did you ever come across any roadblocks or adversity by being female?

I started my marketing career as a nineteen year old and had some strong female influences from an early age that helped me recognise the value of embracing female leadership, setting individual goals and being persistent in achieving them.

I think this was really useful for me and at the age of 23 I went into my first business, partnering with three other people, all male and all considerably older than me. My age and my gender weren’t a factor when it came to being a business partner and financially I held my own in the business and contributed the same.

Did you face any challenges along the way?

The conversations being had now about sexual harassment in the workplace weren’t commonplace when I was establishing my career so I think any challenges of that nature were likely considered inappropriate but also there was a level of acceptance that that was the way things were so you just gone on with it.

Now that I have a daughter I am pleased to see the conversation opening up and hope this will have a positive impact on future generations of young women in the workforce.

How do you support and empower other women in the industry?

The nature of the PR industry is typically predominantly female and that’s certainly evident in the makeup of our current team. It’s certainly not by design but it is great to be surrounded by women who have different strengths to me and together we produce some great work. We have a new team member starting this month, another female, and I am really excited by the energy and ideas she will bring to the team. At the same time I really look forward to my role as a mentor for her and hope that my experience will be useful for her too.

We are also very passionate about representing female led startups and compared to a few years ago, it is really pleasing to see the level of media coverage lifting in this area.

What is your advice for females in your industry?

Your image and your reputation will follow you so always be conscious of how you represent yourself, whether it’s in the office, at an event, a client meeting or Friday night after work drinks. You don’t need to wear the most expensive outfits or carry the latest designer handbag but first impressions count and so a little bit of style and professionalism goes along way. It’s also really important to be constantly building your network and finding ways to showcase your thoughts and work. Whether its your own website, LinkedIn, writing for other publications or attending events, find ways to build your profile and connections.

Who is your role model?

I have a number of female role models in my life who inspire me in different ways. I have the great opportunity to work daily with amazing female entrepreneurs, many of them who are clients, and their dedication and relentless pursuit of business success serves as a constant reminder to be always striving for more with my own business.

I also look to my mother who raised four children while working full time and use that as a reminder that being a working mum can sometimes be challenging fitting it all in but it can be done.

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Bonnie Borland

Founder of Social&

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Tell us about you and your business:

Seeing the need to change the traditional agency model I founded Social& in 2016. A creative talent community for digital, marketing & creative freelancers, Social& is a place for start-ups, agencies and businesses to connect with the best local digital, marketing & creative talent.

Did you ever come across any roadblocks or adversity by being female?

Although I’m sure this will not be a popular answer – I’ve always felt as a female in business I’ve had a bit of an unfair advantage. I suppose I may not have been paid as much as my male counterparts from day one but I have found that people never estimate much from me – because I’m only a woman. This makes it very easy to show (not just tell) someone that i mean exactly what i say and can deliver over and above what is expected and promised. This is not because of my gender but because of the brain and the heart that I was born with and have spent years growing and learning about to ensure I am not only intellectually intelligent but also (and perhaps the secret ingredient) emotionally intelligent.

Sometimes it’s nice to be treated as a human in business, not a woman in business.

Did you face any challenges along the way?

The challenges are what makes each day worthwhile because as each challenge is overcome I feel the world, or at least my world, is changing for the better.

How do you support and empower other women in the industry

To be honest, I support both male and female. I just believe that the more feminine energy that we can bring into a masculine dominated corporate workforce the better.

What is your advice for females in your industry?

Remember, you are mother earth.

Who is your role model?

As the Senior Vice President of retail strategy at Apple, Angela Ahrendts is one of the highest-ranking executives (and is rumoured to be paid more than CEO Tim Cooke) at the most valuable company in the world. Prior to that, she was CEO of Burberry, where she had led a remarkable turnaround (£2 billion to over £7 billion) and reestablished the company as one of the world’s premier luxury fashion labels. She is an amazing leader, wife and mother to three children.

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