I originally started my blog (www.thebeautifulexistence.com) as a way to share healthy recipes, my favourite beauty products and techniques and fitness and nutrition information that I was learning for myself and often had friends and family asking me about. It also encourages me to continually learn and research more so I have something to write about, so it helps keep me motivated too!

I started my Instagram as a way to promote and link back to my blog, and when I left my full time career last year I saw this as the perfect time to relaunch the site and also fully focus on growing my Instagram too. Since then, it’s grown to be a major part of my blog brand, rather than just an additional way to promote the site.

Personally, I’m not actually a huge fan of the “influencer” label; I see so many people now on social media with descriptions in their bio such as “influencer”, “ambassador” (or even “entrepreneur”), but I think in order to be any of these things there needs to be a reason and some substance behind it, which many people lack. I’m definitely a supporter of anyone wanting to build their own brand and achieve whatever goals they have, but as long as they’re genuine and doing it for the right reasons.


  • What’s one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as an influencer?

Since relaunching my blog and the corresponding socials last year I’ve found that it’s so hard now to grow on social media, especially within the health and fitness industry which is so huge at the moment. My target audience is females within Australia, and I find they can be harder to engage with (vs getting some easy followers from creepy dudes), however I’d rather slowly build a genuine and engaged target audience rather than ones who don’t actually care about what I’m sharing and talking about.


  • What are you looking for in cooperation? What are your expectations?

When working with a brand or company I look for ones which I would use and I think are worth promoting to my followers, so there’s mutual benefit for both parties. Apart from that, clear communication and realistic deadlines and important too.


  • How do you feel about strict requirements concerning your content given to you by an enterprise?

If they are clearly outlined at the start, then I’d have no problems adhering to any requests or requirements. If I didn’t agree with them at the start, then I wouldn’t work with the brand.


  • What key qualities will make you say “yes” to working with a brand/business?

I only choose to work with a brand, product or service that I would genuinely use, or already do. I think it’s important to choose and promote products which also match my brand. I don’t see any point in promoting products which my followers or readers wouldn’t be interested in trying, and it’s a waste of time and money for the brand too.

For me, I look for primarily health and fitness based products, as well as general beauty and lifestyle too. At the moment I’m definitely trying to personally look for products which are sustainable environmentally friendly, so any business which







  • What key qualities will make you say “no” to working with a brand/business?

As above, if it’s not a brand or business that I would use then I wouldn’t work with them. I’ve been contacted by some brands in the past, but if it’s something I don’t really believe in then I’m not willing to promote it just for the sake of it.

For example, I was contacted by a brand wanted to promote home workouts. The fitness industry in general is full of useless products and exercises which may look good on Instagram (and also seem popular because they’re “easy”), but don’t actually provide real results. So, that was a no for me and it doesn’t fit the training style I believe in.

Another no for me would be entering into an exclusivity agreement. Having a blog I want to be able to honestly share a wide range of products or services, so working with one brand only would make that hard.


  • What are the key do’s and don’t’s brands should follow in working with micro influencers?

For a brand, I think it’s important that they first do their research into influencers who match their own audience, and also check that they are genuine (no fake followers etc) to avoid disappointing results.

As mentioned above, I think realistic deadlines and communications are so important, so both parties are happy with the outcome.

Even though micro influencers (as the name suggests) have a smaller following, they can still have high rates of engagement and “influence” and it’s important for brands to understand the time and effort that goes into quality posts and building a brand and following.


  • What’s one of the biggest rewards you’ve experienced as a micro influencer?

For me, it’s getting to try and discover amazing new products, which I know my followers will love too! It’s always rewarding too getting feedback from people saying that they’ve tried products or brands that I’ve shared and that they love them as well!

I also love seeing the content I’ve created being shared by brands too; I have of screenshots of all the times my posts have been reshared!


  • What’s one of the common misconceptions about working with influencers?

I think one of the most common misconceptions in general is the time it takes to create and build a brand and following, as well as create quality content. It’s easy for people in general to see the finished product and think they’re “lucky”, but like anything there’s a lot of behind the scenes work and effort.


  • Do you have any predictions for the future of the micro influencer?

It’s definitely a HUGE advertising trend at the moment, but I think it’s still yet to reach it’s peak. With so many people constantly on their phones, even as a minimum it’s still such a great way for brands to gain exposure.

I see influencers as an evolved form of word of mouth advertising, which is always going to be a great marketing tool for brands. However, in order for influencers and bloggers to be able to properly “influence” and persuade their audience then being genuine and authentic is definitely key. I think people in general are definitely more aware of brand partnerships and collaborations and definitely see through a simple smile and holding a product shot.

If people follow someone who they look up to and whose opinion they respect, then I think they’re always going to interested in products they use and talk about. They key for me as an influencer is to share as much information as I can about the brand or product, along with my honest thoughts, so my readers and followers can make learn about it and make an informed opinion if it’s something they’d want to purchase or use too.  


  • Why was it important for you to join a platform like The Right Fit?

I love using The Right Fit as it’s such an easy way to find and communicate with potential brands to work with, and vice versa.

It’s important that both parties can connect and chat first about expectations, so once they agree to work with each other the whole process is so much smoother! It’s a win-win for everyone.

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