Herbal Fix came into fruition when we realised there was a gap in the Australian market for “functional beverages”, i.e. a natural alternative that provided a benefit over and above hydration.

The creator of Herbal Fix was inspired by his wife at the time, a pharmacist by trade who would frequently turn to the benefits of herbal medicines rather than medication.

He then began researching herbs and their properties and the idea of Herbal Fix was born. 


Does the brand have a muse? Or what inspires you?

I think we are all inspired to “live our best life” collectively as a society nowadays, where we are learning to balance the demands of living a healthy lifestyle.

We are so driven to provide people with that option of Drinks with Benefits – drink this to achieve an outcome or to provide some purpose or fulfillment in achieving your daily goals or “Fix more than your thirst”.

Where did the inspiration for the influencer campaign come from?

We decided to engage in an influencer campaign to complement our in-store 7-Eleven bundle promotion of “2 for $6”. Moreover, since the brand is still relatively new our main goal or focus was to create that instant connection between Herbal Fix and 7-Eleven stores so customers could quickly identify where our brand retails and is available. Therefore, the key element of the brief was to ensure content was created on-site at 7-Eleven with the 7-Eleven brand logo clearly visible.


What were you looking for in your models/influencers?

First and foremost, brand fit. We had a good look at previous content and captions to examine whether or not the influencer would be authentic when posting about Herbal Fix.

We then considered audience engagement which is essential in an influencer campaign.