Keep the creativity to the creative in order to keep it authentic and to get the best content. It’s a win win! And don’t be tight on your budget, just because we don’t have a Selena Gomez following doesn’t mean we’re not worth the pennies 😉

Natalie would love to work with a company with an easily identifiable purpose, clear voice and unique personality.

She would say no if  “the emails are very abrupt and are sent as a ‘batch’ email to almost everybody haha!

I never initially sought out to be an influencer. I started to gain momentum with my Insta photography page @nataliekovalphoto and after the massive boom where people had huge followings, I saw that brands were also seeking micro influencers for their advertising, so I jumped on board and started playing the game.

Your Challenges:

Being requested to advertise products and experiences which you don’t really believe in. There’s a whole lot of no’s as opposed to yes’s!

What are you looking for in cooperation? What are your expectations?

I am always looking for a fair deal. If money is not being exchanged, then the effort (and most importantly, time) it takes to create content should be of equal value to what is being remunerated. No ‘free coffee for 10 images’ thanks!

How do you feel about strict requirements concerning your content given to you by an enterprise?

I have been on both sides of the ‘influencer/brand’ experience and as a brand teaching out to an influencer, of course I had my doubts in what the influencer was going to create and if it suited the purpose of my brand but, if you really want it to sell, you need to give 100% trust to the creative. Their audience is what you want to capture, if you feed them words that they don’t usually use, the audience can tell and not authentic anymore! I definitely love it when brands give you 100% creative freedom, and when the pay is good, the outcome is always better.

What’s one of the biggest rewards you’ve experienced as a micro influencer?

Best experience I’ve had so far was going to Sri Lanka with Trails Asia, creating photo and video content for their new travel company!


What’s one of the common misconceptions about working with influencers?

That we like to work for ‘exposure’.


Do you have any predictions for the future of the micro influencer?

This micro world has only just started so I really cannot predict what the next few months will hold. But super exciting times ahead


Why was it important for you to join a platform like The Right Fit?

I think The Right Fit came at a right time, merging jobs, opportunities and talent all in one in this ever growing creative community! I would love to see more international opportunities arise in the near future.