As a young child Rob King knew nothing other that travel. His parents, born in the Lebanon and Scotland met working overseas. He was born in Australia but spent the first 12 years of his life living in the Middle East and Asia, so you can safely say, traveling is in his blood!

He’s spent the last 5 years travelling and shooting full tine for brands like Four Seasons Hotels, Breitling, Lululeom and many more. With Rob in lockdown like the rest of us, we had time to catch up with this intrepid traveler and hear about building a social following and some of his most memorable adventures. 

Tell us about you and how you got started?
I was working for a tech company in Venice called Gravity. I’d travel for work and for fun! It got to a point that I was going to all these amazing places solo. I figured I’d buy a nice camera and talked to a friend I played rugby with. He convinced me to get a nicer more expensive camera and I did before my trip to Nepal. I never looked back! I slowly started to build up my Instagram following and got to a point where I could travel and work with brands! 
How did you create such a loyal and engaged following?
I’ve always just wanted to share photos and videos that make me happy. It gives people the opportunity to transport to that moment in time . Sometimes I don’t think people fully grasp what goes into taking a photo. I wake up at 3:00am hike for 3 hours to get a photo of a beautiful landscape etc, sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn’t but I’m fortunate enough to enjoy that stuff! I love anyone in my audience and always take my time to answer their travel and photography questions.
Whats the best campaign you’ve worked on to date?
I worked with Cool Hunting and Chevrolet in Alaska. I spent the first few days doing a road trip around the Kenai Peninsula. It was the perfect mix of landscapes, wildlife and product work. I got full creative control and the images were used to launch the car. I spent the last two days there walking with Brown bears in Katmai National Park. I can’t wait to go back!
Who’s your dream client?
Anyone in the travel/photography space is really organic for me. Tourism boards, camera companies etc are all super easy and natural. I can work with people socially to get eyeballs on their products but I can also work with people as a creator! Some of my most successful shoots have been with brands that challenged me. 
Now that we’re in lock down, what can travel & tourism brands be doing?
Lock down just means individuals are stuck where they are! I think it just means brands need to look locally for creators. I’m exercising a ton! Hiking, running,
cycling everyone of those “trips” is a content opportunity for a brand. I’m
Fortunate enough to have all my equipment here in Australia so I can shoot underwater, on land or in the air (with my drone haha)
How should brands cost up their budget for a content creator or influencer? What do they need to think about? (ie, editing time, equipment, etc.)
That’s a good question! I’ve always worked on a fixed cost basis. I turn down a lot of work because I put a high value on the creative aspect of what I do. From a brands perspective I think their goal is to make content go as far as possible. I think most brands I work with value my content. The social aspect is always a bonus. Last year I went to French Polynesia with Igloo coolers. They introduced a sustainable cooler and I had this vision of shooting it with all the marine life in French Polynesia. They got epic images and social awareness and I got to swim with whales and sharks. I was really excited about the trip so the content was above and beyond. I think I agreed to send them 10 selects and ended up sending them 10x that.
Some words to those thinking of kicking off an influencer campaign?
Don’t undervalue your self. Have fun with it and stay true to your style and what excites you. There’s a reason that brand picked you.
Most dangerous place or shoot you’ve done?
I was staying in Jordan I wanted to shoot the Dead Sea at sunrise. I got a little to close to the Israeli boarder and let’s just say I ended up missing my flight haha. It was a big miss understanding. But at the time it was a terrifying experience. I ended up meeting the head of Jordanian boarder security. That was the first and last time I smoked a cigarette haha. Other that that walking with bears in Alaska and swimming with whales and sharks in French Polynesia definitely took me out f my comfort zone. 
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