I didn’t know much about the social media world when I first joined Instagram in 2014 thinking that the platform was only meant for sharing photos on. I learnt more about what it meant to be an influencer when my followers slowly started to grow and small businesses started to send me products in return for a post. Personally though I didn’t consider myself as an influencer until I created a brand around my name and gave it a purpose. Today I use my Instagram account to spread inspiring and motivating messages as well as help promote brands that I believe in and support.



Of course one of the perks of being an influencer is that you will receive free products and potentially get paid to promote them on your social media channels. The biggest challenge would be to stay true to your brand by not accepting products that go against who you are and what you believe in.


What are you looking for in cooperation? What are your expectations?

When working with brands and businesses I expect the gains to be mutual. I understand that as an influencer I am representing their brand, however in return I expect that at least to an extent the business aligns with my personal brand and my followers’ expectations too.


How do you feel about strict requirements concerning your content given to you by an enterprise?

I understand that when I collaborate with another brand that they would want to make sure that they too will benefit from from the content I post. So I am definitely happy to discuss specific requirements before I agree to work with them, however if I feel as though what is expected of me doesn’t align with my brand’s values then I will not accept the job.


 What key qualities will make you say “yes” to working with a brand/business?

– Their values align with mine

– The brand stands for similar things I stand for

– Familiarity with the brand/business

– An on-going campaign


 What key qualities will make you say “no” to working with a brand/business?

– The brand/business does not align with my values

– Bad reputation

– Products are made unethically

– Non ethical business practices

– Unrealistic expectations


What are the key do’s and don’ts’s brands should follow in working with micro influencers?

– If the content the influencer created is of high quality and meets all of the brand’s requirements then they should definitely consider reposting the photo.

– Always properly credit the influencer when reposting their photos.

– Give the influencer the freedom to create their own content and caption but let them know of any important things and keywords they should focus on.

– Give feedback on the content the influencer created.

– Don’t promise one thing and then do another.



I find that it is very easy to connect with all of my followers on a personal level as I am not overwhelmed with thousands of comments and messages that could take a very long time to respond to. As a result I have made lifelong friends on the platform and met amazing people that I have had the pleasure to work with.


What’s one of the common misconceptions about working with influencers? 

It’s definitely becoming more difficult to spot a fake account these days as people are able to buy their followers as well as likes and comments but the biggest misconception would be that the bigger an influencer’s following, even if they are real, the bigger a business’ return on investment will be! An influencer’s engagement rate is another statistic that businesses are starting to take into consideration to make sure thy get what they pay for.

Being a micro influencer allows me create conversations and relationships with my followers, this means that my engagement rate could be much higher than influencer who has a large following which can prove to be more beneficial for businesses.


Future Predictions

I can definitely see micro influencers with a loyal following and high engagement rate being offered a lot more paid work by brands/businesses much sooner than they expect them to. Things are always changing and it might just be in the micro influencer’s favour this time! 🙂


Why was it important for you to join a platform like The Right Fit?

Instagram has over a billion active users each month. That’s a lot! So it’s almost impossible to organically find brands and creatives who are willing to collaborate with a micro influencer. The Right. Fit places those brands and creatives on a platform, literally, and gives me the opportunity to connect and hopefully work with them.

I’ve been on the platform for just over a year now and I have been lucky enough to work with big brands, small brands, new brands, very talented creatives and models who I now call my friends. So I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunities The Right. Fit has given me and I can’t wait to see what I’ll do next!



Instagram: @lifelikelara