I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an “influencer” as such but to me and in regard to my social media, I just really try to stay true to myself. I love travelling and going on adventures, while doing my modelling work, alongside my study at University (to become a teacher). I try to portray these passions genuinely on these platforms, to be as relatable to my followers as possible.

 Your Challenges

Time management. I think people often assume that taking a photo and writing an accompanying caption is easy right? But in order for this post to come across genuinely, it definitely takes time. Time to take a captivating image and time to think about an appropriate caption that has been thought through thoroughly. I often struggle with this especially when University gets busy. I suppose it’s all about the balance.


What are you looking for in cooperation? What are your expectations?

 Seeing as influencers are expected to tag the brand they are promoting (of course) and are often given hashtags to use when posting about a brand, I feel it is only fair that the brand/client reciprocates this when re-posting.


How do you feel about strict requirements concerning your content given to you by an enterprise?

 I’ve pretty much always been able to promote a product as I see fit. I suppose if there were strict requirements that I didn’t necessarily agree with, I’d try to negotiate the terms and if an agreement couldn’t be reached, I wouldn’t promote the product.


 What key qualities will make you say “yes” to working with a brand/business?

 My decision to work with different brands is very much dependent upon whether or not I believe my ethos and personality aligns with that of the brand. I will only ever generally promote a brand, if it is something that I have personally tried or liked.

 What key qualities will make you say “no” to working with a brand/business?

So often I have brands commenting on my photos/dming me on Instagram saying that they love my posts and that they’d love to collaborate, however, they completely misinterpret the term, COLLABORATE. Instead, they send me through a discount code, ask me to purchase something at my own cost and then expect me to promote their brand for free. This is a big no, no for me. I’m all for collaborating but only when it’s fair to all involved.


What are the key do’s and don’ts’s brands should follow in working with micro influencers?

DO: Look for genuine, authentic people. I know I’ve said that quite a bit, but I really can’t put any more of an emphasis on anything else. Micro Influencers are continually being noticed for their increasing engagement levels in comparison to those of some larger, top tier influencers. I definitely think brands and clients need to check the engagement levels of a profile first, rather than the number of followers.

DON’T: Simply book an “influencer” on the basis of their number of followers. Investigation is key!!! Three simple questions: Are the followers genuinely interested in the posts? Is this interest conveyed in the likes and comments? Are the comments showing genuine interest?



Having brands that I’ve admired for a very long time or that I’ve been a continuing customer of, get in touch via social media or get in contact with me via theright.fit, asking me to promote their products.

 What’s one of the common misconceptions about working with influencers?

 I think a lot of people these days question the credibility and authenticity of influencers, particularly knowing that they are often paid large sums of money to promote certain products. While this may be true, I think it is more important to consider how or why this person may be promoting the product and consider whether or not this product aligns with the type of influencer this person may be.



 I definitely feel as if the micro influencer is going to become increasingly more popular once clients become more aware of their influence on the platform.


Why was it important for you to join a platform like The Right Fit?

 Being able to access different types of work; modelling, acting & influencer bookings. Not only that, but you’re able to connect directly to an array of other different creatives and communicate directly with clients whom are interested in booking you! What more could you want?


Instagram: @laurenmita