How did Man of Many get started?

Scott and I started Man of Many  – as housemates. I was working as an industrial designer, Scott worked in corporate finance, and we both shared a strong appreciation for cool, stylish and innovative products. Frustrated by the lack of male-focused online content in Australia, we decided to create Man of Many as a creative outlet to share all the cool things we discovered online.

As Man of Many’s popularity grew rapidly over a short period of time, we realised that we could take the site much further than the hobby it started out as. We started treating Man of Many as a serious publication and platform rather than a just a “blog”.

In efforts to improve the quality of our content and generate revenue, we started working with freelance writers and contributors, planning our editorial calendar, publishing at least five stories per day and working with brands and agencies on sponsored content, which in turn has transformed Man of Many into a viable business.

What is the website all about?

Our mission is to help guys discover the latest in products, culture and style. Whether it’s tech, fashion, autos, design, adventure or entertainment, we like to keep our readers ahead of the pack by creating fresh and exciting male-focused content in the form of product reviews, lifestyle stories, informative and inspiring editorials, buyers’ guides, interviews, how-tos, original video productions and more.


What do you think your key differentiator compared with the traditional players?

We’ve always made sure we remain relevant to our readers by successfully creating content in the way they engage with. By doing this, our traffic stats have even surpassed the website numbers of many the well-known print magazines.

We offer our readers a premium experience without being pretentious. Man of Many is a resource for lifestyle inspiration, discovery, knowledge and entertainment, whilst still being approachable. We want everyone who visits to discover something new that makes them go ‘wow’.


Who are your readers?

Man of Many’s readers are are primarily males aged between 25-34. They’re tech savvy, socially connected and perpetually in search of all things ”cool”. They’re fascinated by technological advancements just as much as they are by old-fashioned mechanical marvels, and have a good appreciation for style and design. They work hard, spend handsomely and know the difference between exquisite and ostentatious.


Who are some brands you’ve worked with?

We love working with brands to create new exciting content and we’ve been lucky enough to work some really big names like Nike, Netflix, Ted Baker, Samsung and Toyota. Our aim has always been to partner with brands to allows us to keep creating fresh and exciting male-focused content that our readers (and ourselves) enjoy.


What’s next for Man of Many?

Our goal is to become Australia’s #1 destination for men’s lifestyle content. We continue to grow our audience by understanding our readers and creating content that truly connects to, engages with and inspires our audience.

We’re focused on producing more original content and currently planning regular fashion editorial shoots, video productions, travel stories and more. We’re also broadening our lifestyle content and collaborating with brands to integrate their product into our stories.

We also have big plans for our upcoming content calendar where we’ll be looking to partner with brands on content series, events and larger productions.


What’s been your proudest moment with the website?

After three and a half years of late nights and weekends running the website, we decided to take the plunge, quit our day jobs, and focus on Man of Many full time. Almost a year later and we haven’t looked back. In that time we’ve more than tripled our website traffic. We also grown our team to 4 people in-house which allows Frank and I to focus on bigger picture tasks such as our content strategy, pitching to more brands and agencies and further growing our audience.

We’ve also been lucky to win a few accolades. We received a Pedestrian.TV Blogster award, were recently ranked 11th in the Australian Top 50 Influencer Awards and also selected by GQ as one of Australia’s top male influencers.


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