Through my love of travel. I spent all of 2015 in Europe and it seemed a lot easier to share all of my travel photos with everyone at once instead of sending out to everyone separately. I started experimenting with different filters first and then editing and I’ve been hooked ever since. I felt like the last person in the world to join Instagram and if it wasn’t for that trip I probably would’ve never even installed the app! *gasp*

Biggest Challenges 

This has become such a lucrative industry that I see so many new accounts popping up everyday who buy thousands of followers and likes. It’s hard going up against these accounts for jobs when their stats look so much better but the brands don’t always do enough research to figure out that the numbers are fake.

What are you looking for when working with brands?

I’ll only work with brands that I would use in real life. I’d hate for my Instagram to look like a page off Gumtree just because the brands are offering to pay for content.

Key qualities to work with brands/business

Brands that know exactly what they want but let me be creative in how to deliver it. I would never do just a product shot selfie as this is not what I do and I appreciate when brands don’t just ask for that.

When do you say no to brands?
I’ve had a few brands approach me with a general brief of work but then when the contract is sent through some of the deliverables and conditions would change or not be clear enough. I’m wary of working with brands when this happens as this tells me their strategy is not well defined and they would often go back and forth on the deliverables later on.

Do’s and Don’t’s brands should follow in working with content creators.

Be clear with the brief when you approach a creator. We are not mind readers and some businesses want just a product shot while others will want it to be incorporated in the overall storyline. There are creators for both but just let us know. We take pride in what we create, it’s not just about getting paid so we also want to deliver the best result possible.

And please treat it as a job. We put in endless hours of research, creative, shooting and editing for ‘just 2 photos’. We don’t just want a free bottle of wine, we’d also like to be able to buy some crackers and prosciutto to celebrate a good job done.

Predictions for the future of social media, content creation,and marketing in general.

It’s so hard to know where this will go in the future! I’d love to think that we’re still in the early stages of this industry but I honestly think the next step is battling the fake followers issues. We can’t authentically grow this industry if it’s built on a pile of lies.

Importance of Joining a platform like The Right Fit
It’s often hard to be noticed by brands in the constantly growing world of social media. The Right Fit provides a platform where brands and content creators can find each other easily and foster new relationships.

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