If you havent heard of Jordi Webber… then your need to! This talented actor, musician, model and influencer has been busy carving out a career in New Zealand, including landing hero role Power Rangers Ninja Steel. He is a former member of the New Zealand-based boy band Titanium, which had a number 1 hit with ‘Come on Home’. And to top it all off, he’s an all round nice guy that brands just love to work with. So let’s find out more about Jordi!


What’s been the best job of your career to date?

My most epic job to date would be Power Rangers.  It allowed me to learn the ropes and be thrown in the deep end of such a busy industry. I filmed for 8 months as the Gold Ranger and was featured on Nickelodeon for 2 years globally. It has allowed me to travel to conventions in America a number of times and has opened up doors for me to be a role model for lots of kids out there that want to act as well.

Tell us about your audience on social media? 

The nature of my work has always had an influential position. I am an actor/singer by trade and have been working in this industry since 2012.  Being in the media has naturally grown an audience from many different avenues over the years. My following is mostly interested in positive thinking/lifestyle and acting/modelling/music content.


How has your audience grown over time?

I saw the biggest spike in my following when I did Power Rangers 2017-2018. That show is broadcast all over the world, so naturally, that has bought in many followers from all over the world.  My following has grown since by constantly engaging with them, and constantly keeping my own endeavours and engagements exciting. If I am excited by new things that I’m doing, followers will be too.
We have to keep growing and staying fresh!

How do you decide which brands to work with?

I book my best jobs by being myself, not sugar coating things and being organic and selective with what projects I work on. They have to align with my personal brand. Being an influencer is a side job for me, it isn’t my main focus, but it works in really well when the right projects come along. When I can combine influencing with Acting/Music, that’s when I truly thrive.

What has your career taught you?

If I had my time again, I would probably have learnt to be more proactive at the beginning of my music & acting career and utilised my social platform earlier. I was still very young and naive so networking and productivity wasn’t a big priority. 

I have had many struggles along the way, everyone does. We just have different challenges catered to our different circumstances. For me being an actor, it was having trust and faith in my own abilities, not comparing myself to others and growing thicker skin. We face so much rejection in the film industry, unfortunately, a lot of us lose our drive. So the challenge is staying optimistic and positive even when nothing is going your way, it’s when you least expect it that the opportunities will come.