The creative process can sometimes feel like navigating uncharted territory. With so many ideas to map and endless opportunities for how they’re brought to life, direction is essential. Beautiful content is only as strong as its concept. What are you trying to say? Who are you talking to? What do you want them to get out of it? Presenting your talent with a detailed brief will help ensure they have a clear course of action, and it will help you get exactly what you want: unique creative content with a clear message.


Consider why you’re creating content in the first place. Are you looking to increase brand awareness through clever storytelling? Do you have a shiny new product you want to sell? Clearly defined goals and objectives will help your talent deliver content with a purpose. The devil’s in the detail here; be as specific as possible.



Photography and video provide an incredible opportunity to resonate with people on a more personal level. From authentic joy to raw emotion, capturing human experiences will connect with your audiences in a way that visualisations cannot. But who is your audience? Provide a detailed description of your target customer. If you don’t have a clear idea, make one up. Assign them an age, a job and an income ­– you can even develop their hobbies. This persona will prove invaluable to your content creation team and help you select relatable talent.



Your brand is unique. Your message should be, too. Share details about the benefits your product or service offers. Perhaps your food’s new flavour is the boldest in the business, or your beauty product is perfect for sensitive skin. Define your message as clearly as possible, so your talent can transform this into an engaging narrative.



Whether it’s laugh out loud funny or pointy and professional, your tone has the power to completely change the delivery of your message. Consider a couple of adjectives that best sum up how you would like your content to sound. You can also share examples of creative executions you’ve particularly enjoyed. Tone is incredibly important, and it will have a considerable impact on the direction of your content.



Once your video or photography content is complete, it will be distributed through a large network of channels. But with so many to choose from, which ones will you opt for? Make sure your brief provides a basic distribution plan. The narrative delivery and visualisation of ideas will differ greatly from a print brochure to an Instagram ad.



 Consult creative experts to help you develop remarkable ideas and a crystal clear brief. It may take a few iterations to get it right, but it’s worth the perseverance. Working with experts in copywriting, design and strategy will ensure your brief is considered in every aspect, from concept to creative deliverables. Plus, your talent will have clear parameters to guide their shoot.



 From our friends at Being Brands, who have a creative solution for every brief.