These days, it seems like everyone and their dog (literally) has an Instagram account. Whether it’s fashion, food or fitness, there are so many niches and bloggers that it’s hard to keep up and more importantly make your mark in the digital scope and stand out from everyone else. In fact, just last month of June, Instagram had officially reached 1 billion users!

As a millennial myself, I have been on Instagram since day one where everyone was obsessed with the over saturated X-Pro II filter. These days, it’s all about having the ‘perfect feed’ which means users are using at least 2 or more editing apps to ensure they have the perfect Insta-pic. Understandably so, Instagram is all about first impressions and having that visual appeal as there are so many competitors out there.

In today’s post, I am going to be sharing my guide on how to make your Instagram profile stand out from the crowd with these trending tips, or as us millenials call it, having a ‘lit’ feed.

  1. Have a decent camera quality

The first step before you decide on anything is to have a phone with a decent camera to ensure you take quality pictures. There is nothing more infuriating than scrolling down your feed and seeing a pixelated photo of someone’s lunch. However, it doesn’t mean investing in a costly professional camera. Blurry photos are also a complete no-go and it doesn’t matter how bomb you think your outfit looks, if the image is blurry; you are less likely to attract followers and build an audience.

  1. Creating a cohesive feed

Determining what kind of feed you are after is crucial. This is the fun part, so experiment and think outside the box (no pun intended). There is literally no right or wrong way with this, as long as the photos are consistent in terms of colour theme and editing, your Instagram feed will look aesthetically pleasing to viewers. I have gone through various stages of Instagram changing up my feed and playing around with themes. The most popular themes consist of having a white background, or a ‘boho’ inspired with lots of blue and green tones. However, as I mentioned before, be creative with this because if you’re just following the trends then you’re less likely to stand out and catch your audience’s attention.

       3. Caption is everything

Don’t overlook your Instagram captions! It’s ultimately what connects your photos with your followers. Tell your story, share your emotions and be personal (but don’t over do it because sadly, no one wants to hear about your 7th mental breakdown of the day). I find that witty captions work best for me and I actually get the most engagement when I incorporate humour into my photos. Here are a few examples of my personal favourite captions:


       4. Balance is key

Like everything in life, balance and consistency is key. Take a look at your Instagram feed and think about how the overall pictures look all together. Be versatile in your shots and angles and think about the details. Posting 3 selfies in a row isn’t the best idea so switch it up with a creative flatlay, a full body outfit shot or a motivational quote. Taking photos outdoors is 100 times better than sitting on a couch and posing as natural lighting trumps any artificial ones. Think about your background and know what shots compliment you best because at the end of the day, your Instagram is all about you so have fun and work those angles!


Stephanie Turek

Instagram: @stylesteph_