Picture this. You eat a huge lunch at home: a roast, sides, salad and dessert – the works. Five minutes later you head out, sit down at a local café and order a giant ice cream sundae. But you can’t fit it in. You’ve filled your stomach with too much lunch and your timing is bad. So instead of enjoying something you were looking forward to – maybe even thinking about for a long time – you’re stuck holding the bill for a dish that’s melting in front of your eyes.

Getting more for less is not about haggling over price; it’s about being strategic in your planning and approach. If you can do that, you can make the most of anything.



You don’t rent a billboard to use only half the space, so why do it with video or photography? Plan ahead of shoot days to ensure content can be cropped, tweaked and maximised for all target platforms. YouTube looks best in a standard 16:9 aspect ratio, Instagram allows you to capitalise on smartphone space with a 4:5 vertical aspect, and Facebook is open to any shape or style.



The way you treat your team and talent matters! Desirable work environments are always by-products of a conscious decision to establish safe, welcoming places. When you communicate genuine positivity, you play a pivotal role in increasing productivity, achieving work of the highest calibre, and boosting overall attitude and contentment.


When it comes to video content, silent films are really making noise. On average, 85% of all Facebook videos are auto-played as users scroll through their feeds, so ensure your visuals are dynamic. If you’ve got to communicate narration, interviews or dialogue, clear, bite-sized subtitles are best.



Finding the right influencer for your brand is essential. Before selecting your talent, compare their follower base with your demographic. If they match, great! Often, the best influencers are those already talking about what you do. When you keep relevance, reach and resonance at the forefront of your mind, you’re way more likely to get in front of the right people.



You can’t do everything on your own – and nor should you. After all, it’s the combined perspectives, insights and experiences of other people that make creative projects so special. When you work with other people, you just get more out of the project: more engagement, more dynamism, and more impact. Find the right talent for your brief, easily and quickly at theright.fit


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