As a young girl and coming from a mediterranean background, I was self-conscious of the dark hair

on my arms and had very sensitive skin, so the usual hair removal products left my young delicate
skin irritated and sore.

It was then, 26 years ago, that Mum (aka Sue Ismiel) set out on a
personal quest to help me feel comfortable in my own skin and create a natural hair removal
solution that worked like magic (what a superwoman right)!

Natalie Ismael

I must admit I was a tad embarrassed when Mum decided to go on national TV many years ago and
share to the world that her young daughter had an unwanted hair problem. I recall asking Mum back
then “Why couldn’t you create a beauty product such as a perfume instead of a product for my
unwanted hair”. And yes… I did forgive Mum (eventually) . Lucky for me I had awesome school
friends who were very excited about our business so fortunately I was never teased about my hairy
arms! I recently reconnected with a number of my high school friends at our 20-year reunion and it
was lovely to see that they were just as keen to hear the latest news from Nad’s!

Since then, I’ve been deeply rooted in Sue Ismiel & Daughters. With over 16+ years’ experience
working in a dynamic marketing team, appearing in ‘Nad’s with Nat’ videos and photos where I share
my tips and what’s happening in the world of Nad’s; engaging with the trade and category buyers on
our marketing initiatives and being part of experiential beauty events, trade shows and live wax
demos! I’ve been fortunate to connect with thousands of women and men as I wax their brows
(nose hair and more) and discuss their hair removal stories.
Sue Ismael
I feel super proud to be part of a 100% family and woman owned business in Australia working
alongside my inspirational mother and sisters.

Being part of a family business, you witness the highs and lows. There’s no doubt that Mum is a
strong woman, yet with a soft generous heart. She had the courage to build her business brick by
brick no matter what knock backs she faced along the way to get to where she is today. Mum’s
fierce, entrepreneurial and passionate about life. I’ve learnt significant life lessons working with
Mum over the years (aka – Queen of hair removal) and not just how to shape killer eyebrows. 
Mum lives by her motto ‘There’s always a way’ and has truly inspired me to live the same way. She
inspires me to aim high and turn my dreams into reality. You’ve got to be disciplined, hard working
and love what you do.

I’m excited about the future and next generation of Sue Ismiel & Daughters. We’re continuing to
grow as a business, innovate with unique World First products such as our Nad’s Facial Wand
Eyebrow  , Ultra Smoothing Exfoliating Wax Strips  and Nose Wax as well as move into new and
exciting categories within the health and beauty space.

Ultimately, I want to encourage and inspire women to look good, feel great and be the best version
of themselves.

As a Nad’s Beauty Expert and Brand Ambassador, I’m so excited to be part of The Right Fit and their
Business Experts talent. It’s such an innovative new-age platform which allows you to connect with
people and brands and gives us the opportunity to share our unique 100% family and woman owned
business story. The Right Fit is also a great way to grow my profile and business networking relations
not only within the beauty space but within new and interesting categories.