What are ‘digis’?

Are you new to modelling and wondering what is a ‘digi’? A digi (digital image) is a clean, unedited natural images that represent your truest self.

Sometimes when a client is time-poor, or interstate / international and they cannot meet with you in person they require photographs of you. The real you. No makeup, natural images that give a complete real representation of yourself. You will have a headshot, full body and quarter body shot taken of you.

The best clothing for you to wear are clothes that show the figure and are flattering.
– Jeans or denim shorts
– PLAIN Black and or white singlet /t-shirt
– Females should have a bikini shot & males a shirtless shot

Come with clean hair and a clean face, Females bring something to tie your hair back with and lastly, the most important thing to remember is to relax and be yourself. Have fun!

They are really important to have apart of your portfolio and you should update these every 3 months or as soon as any part of your physical appearance changes.

Below are some photographs from a recent NSW Digi day for WINK Models photographed by Sam Grant to give you an idea of what to expect.