You would need to be living under a rock to have missed supermodel Gigi Hadid’s latest visit to Sydney for the Reebok #BeMoreHuman event. 

The bubbly and genetically blessed blonde was in Sydney to promote the brand.  Nonetheless, the 23-year-old model (not afraid to make her opinions known) also took this opportunity to discuss diversity and inner beauty.

This may, of course, seem ironic coming from a celebrity supermodel. However, Gigi was quick to quieten her critics, discussing her strong work ethic and the challenges being of mixed ethnicity (Gigi is half Palestinian and half Dutch).

I’m just as much Palestinian as I am Dutch. Just because I have blonde hair, I still carry the value of my ancestors.”

Gigi highlighted the challenge many talent faces within the modeling and entertainment industry, stereotyping based on physical features, ethnicity or even age.
Her resilience in not letting her critics disrupt her goals is testament to her character and is likely driving her popularity with brands and fans worldwide.

Embracing cultural, gender and  physical differences has grown in popularity with brands of late.
Instead of choosing talent based on preconceived beauty ideals of the past. Brands are now drawing inspiration from real life consumers such as that seen in the Dove Real Beauty Campaign.

Nurturing diversity in branded content is an ideology strongly ingrained at the. HQ. This is especially evident when it comes to internal content. Essentially, we practice what we preach by advocating for our talent to embrace their innate uniqueness.
As a result, our 7000 plus talent pool comes in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. This is something we are incredibly proud of!



Which is why it came as no surprise that one of our very own models was booked for the catwalk show. Nicole Tania, a vivacious model with British/Caribbean ancestry. Who simply knocked it out of the ballpark.

Nicole Tania
As Bob Dylan once famously coined ” The times they are a changin.”

We can’t wait to lead that change #Inclusion.

Written by Amber Van Twest