Fast Track to Blogging Success: Picking the Right Industry

– Frank Apodaca, The Sleep Judge


Getting your work noticed to grow a business and become a success is every entrepreneur’s ultimate goal. However, why it works for some people, and not for others, has everything to do with how you get your product noticed- no matter what you are selling. But logos, slogans, advertising, promotions, campaigns, branding, and media coverage is only as good as your product. And if your product isn’t in demand, it won’t matter how much you invest- you most likely won’t get the results you want.


Technology may make getting your ideas out there easier, but it also influences specific industries as well. The last decade has seen a huge amount of growth in the sleep industry as materials and construction become more affordable to come by in a product that has everything to do with personal comfort. These cost savings are passed onto the consumer, which has influenced a mattress startup boom.


Choosing a product in demand, and making it a brand worth noticing, has everything to do with success, and there are a few specific ways to make this happen.

Never Underestimate the Power Of Blogging

Blogging has quickly become one of the best ways to get a product noticed and generate income. Smart companies draw attention to their product through blogging, and smart entrepreneurs piggyback off this success to provide further information to generate their own income. With the increasing pace of technological advancements, how people shop and notice what they need (and want) has grown exponentially in recent years. Online shopping experiences are more in demand than ever, and without a brick and mortar markup, often preferred. New mattress start-ups have taken advantage of this, and trusted brands have jumped on board as well to get noticed and drive sales.


With the loss of salesperson contact, and the stores which offered an item you could touch and look over before purchase, the need for honest reviews and consumer opinion has grown to help inform consumers, and guarantee their investment. Blogs can offer unbiased reviews and ratings, as well as product suggestions to help generate sales within your chosen industry.


For example, Tempur-Pedic is a well known brand name within the sleep industry, but recent competition may have buyers checking out what else is out there. Smart bloggers can take advantage of using well know, highly used keywords to drive attention to their own sites when they are provided as top hits within search engine results. The more attention the blog receives, the higher their results rank, and the more click throughs occur- driving revenue.

Never Underestimate the Power Of Blogging


Keeping your Blog Content Noticed

There are a few simple things you can do to keep your content, and keywords, in the public eye. First, make sure your headlines are specific and noticeable. Most people only notice the first few, and last few, words in a title, so make sure those choices are specific to what you are marketing. Plus, using these keywords multiple times, and in different order, throughout your articles helps make getting noticed easier.


Make sure your content is useful. Reviews and ratings are great for this, especially when you are focused specifically upon one industry. But also tie in materials related to the industry to attract the attention of a larger audience. People who are not shopping for a new mattress may never bother to look for reviews, but they may be looking for tips related to sleep health. If their visit to your site has been helpful, chances are they will be back for more.


Plus, the last, and maybe most important part, is to pay attention to yourself. As your content grows, so should your own marketing. Meaning you need to show yourself some serious support and link back your own expertise to new material. A sleep health article should include links to suggested mattresses for comfort to provide possible sale opportunities.



Advertising is what we do to communicate with our consumers to try and convince them to take action- namely to take a closer look at or purchase a particular product. With advances in technology that has made it an affordable part of your everyday life, audiences are bigger than ever, and your chances to make an impact have grown exponentially through visual and audio opportunity. Blogging is one way to advertise, but not everyone has the time to read through what content you have provided.


Making sure you have a recognizable brand, and using recognizable brands within your blogging (such as the Tempur-Pedic example used above) will help draw attention to your business. Not only does internet advertising reach a larger group of people than traditional methods, it is more affordable and efficient, taking only a fraction of the time it once did. Plus, you can more easily track who’s paying attention to better meet the needs of your consumer.




Blogging doesn’t only draw attention to a particular product, but to an industry on a whole and can be a standalone, legitimate business. However it needs to be treated as such and take advantage of technology and its effects on advertising to be successful. Choosing the right market to focus upon can be the difference between struggling to gain revenue and watching your efforts grow with each passing month.


Keep your goals in sight and stay focused, and don’t get disappointed when things don’t move as quickly as you want. Advertising techniques and public relations is a marathon, not a quick race to the finish and needs time to truly take off. Plus, once you start to see results, staying on top of consumer needs and changes in the industry will help keep you on top.