With summer approaching, we thought it “fit” to chat with well-known ex-rugby union player, now cross fit competitor and coach, Todd Liubinskas to find out more about his business and what we can do to get fit this summer.

Name: Todd Liubinskas

Company: Compete Strength & Performance

Postion: Co-Director

Web: www.cspgym.com.au

Facebook: Complete Strength & Performance

Instagram: @complete_sp

Tell us about your business?

CSP is a fitness community and training facility operating currently out of Concord in Sydney’s Inner West.

We run Group Fitness Classes and an Athletic Performance Program for motivated individuals.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the fitness field?

My biggest accomplishment would be changing the lives of people that walk through our gym doors each day. People come to us in search of an answer to change their lives. I would like to think that through CSP and the amazing community we have built, that our members are challenged every single day to smash their goals.

Favourite quote?

‘Stay Ready’

I use this quote in life or in the gym, you have to always be ready and alert.

Being in a ready state enables you not fear anything that you may encounter.

Best workouts for the summer?

We should be doing multiple workouts this summer. However, one that I really love when at the beach or outdoor with minimal equipment is: 15 minutes for as many rounds as possible of:

5 Body weight squats

10 Hand release push ups

15 Sit ups

(Make sure you hit full depth on your squats, that being the hip crease is below the knee crease at the bottom of the squat, and make sure you have hip and knee extension at the top of your squat)

What are your top tips for Wink Models?

1. Eat Clean / you cannot out train a bad diet or lifestyle

2. Look after your skin.