Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise… Sydney heavy weights (with influences, awards and accolades extending nationally and internationally in their respective fields); was a combined group of talented personal trainers, dieticians, bloggers, fitness leaders and nutrition experts who gathered at Sydney’s Peak Altitude Training for theright.fit’s second Health Influencers Meet. And it was straight down to business…



After warming up over introductions and a few Pistachio & Macha Green Tea Bliss Balls for an energy boost, we hit the circuits. Guided by our Personal Trainer and host, Scott Reynolds, we sweated our way through a sample of what Peak Altitude has to offer.

Burning 50 cal as fast as we could tested our fitness threshold, and a sub max VO2 test assessed our fitness level. We smashed out sets of curls and rows with Defence Force style torsion bars before bringing it home with burpees, medicine ball slams and 500M sprints. Feeling the need to roll it out over the Mobot while refuelling with a Nuzest & Raw C Coco Water Shake, with whatever flavour Chobani our hearts desired, the physical workout turned to a-00-20mental one (it wasn’t for the feint hearted 😉





Nat Deegan, Sport Scientist and Researcher at NSW Institute of Sport, spoke about the importance of hydration and water for peak performance. Taking on Nat’s advice almost immediately, we all reached for water, filtered by Brita of course, as Naturopath and Nutritionist, Kate Johnston shared the value of hormone testing and the impact nutrition, vitamins and minerals have on our performance. Rounding out, and bringing balance, to the morning was Tom Cronin, a man with a mission to reduce stress and chaos through meditation. Are you feeling Zen now? We sure were!

Energised, educated, buzzing with excitement; yet refreshingly calm and centred; our second Health Influencers meet wrapped up as all good fitness sessions should, the perfectly styled, Instagram worthy group shot. Sun by mother nature, sunnies by Local Supply and all round smiles and satisfaction by the best health, fitness and nutrition stars in the business.

With a morning as great as this, we’re excited to bring you our next Health Influencers Meet, so stay tuned, there’s more to come!


(Left) theright.fit professionals Tom Cronin + fitness model, blogger & influencer Scott Reynolds with Co-Founder Taryn Williams. (Right) Australian Institute of Fitness Coach Dani Smith with theright.fit model, blogger and influencer Lauren Vickers.


Couldn’t make it this time? Not to worry, we have plenty more planned throughout the year.
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