Making people care is hard. Making them fall in love with your business is even harder. Taryn Williams, CEO of shares what works for her when creating a business that has a loveable heart and soul.I absolutely love what I do. But my own opinion and passion isn’t going to make people fall in love with my business. So that’s what we are here to talk about today – how you can build a business people love. 


One of the things that has worked well in both of my businesses is hiring rockstars who live and breathe your brand and become your advocates. We’re lucky to have an extended ‘team’ of 650 models in WINK, and over 6,000 talent at We give them the skills, knowledge and tools, and they become our best sales force.

It started at WINK purely by accident. I set out to build a company that changed all the things I hated about the industry, hired people I liked, and our culture built from there. With, it was much more strategic from day one. We actively reached out to our talent base to ask them to support us in building what we wanted to create together. We asked our employees to champion the brand and hustle for us. We provided them with the assets to do this, down to social media artwork, or brand guidelines, or basic ‘explanation decks’ they could send their friends.

The reality is we can’t afford to pay whopping big salaries, and that’s not the point, feeling valued and part of something means so much more to people. We also have some pretty fun perks that make our lives healthier and better and more fun. Things like they get their birthdays off, they get a doona day each year, we have a life coach who works with each member of the team, we give them time in lieu for any charity work completed, and they have an annual training budget they can use on anything they like – we’ve had people do anything from meditation retreats to computer programming!

As a result, they talk about us. They tell their friends, they refer clients; they even post on their socials. This tells the world that we are changing the industry for the better and they’re proud to be a part of that. People love being a part of something. Being vested in the outcome of its success. Find these early advocates, your tribe, and get them flourishing alongside you.


This is an inherent part of both businesses. I think one of the reasons people love our brands is our mantra of compassionate capitalism. Don’t just be greedy corporate assholes. Build a great business AND at the same time, use it to do good. If you haven’t already, check out the salesforce 1% pledge – it’s an incredible initiative set up where you agree to donate 1% of your time, or product, or profit, or equity to doing some sort of social good.

This year alone we’ve worked on campaigns to stop domestic violence. We’ve raised awareness and funds for breast cancer, forced marriage, muscular dystrophy, brain cancer, the Starlight Foundation, and more.

Not only does it mean that we get to make some amazing connections and work with incredible people in the charity and NFP field. We also meet politicians, artists, CEOs of some of the largest corporations and they along with the rest of the community see we are actively committed to building a better world. Consequently, we can ask for and receive their support accordingly.

It’s also a part of the reason people want to work for both our companies. People want to get so much more out of work than just a paycheck. They want to have a purpose, vision and be a part of something more.


Collaborate with your team on what you stand for as a company. What are your values? How do these align with your personal values? Find ways you can communicate them.

And above all, stick to them. At our values include being trustful, crisp (meaning efficient and not wasting people’s time), supportive, and inclusive. Notice how I say ‘being’ – we need to live and breathe our values and be them. Otherwise, we have no value.

We try to communicate them in everything we do – from onboarding, EDMs, social media, to shareholder reports. This is who we are. And people love that.

People don’t feel like they’re being sold to when we speak. And in an age where it can seem like it’s every man for himself, being authentic AND generous resonates. Don’t just do charity work because I said so today. Don’t just tell your staff they have to start posting about you on Facebook saying how awesome your company is. Find your authentic voice.

Teamwork, kindness and authenticity. There’s no faking it. They’re the keys to creating businesses people love.

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