I have been in radio for more than two decades and understand the power of audio.

Whether as a well scripted 30 second commercial for the local car yard or carefully crafted doco celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Angels.

We created audio, that’s what radio did.

The world of podcasting on the other hand, mostly driven by the US was recognised outside of radio as a series of audio episodes on any topic that a user could subscribe to, download and listen to on demand.

You didn’t need a radio station.

It was when I wrapped up my breakfast show after 15 years of 4.20am starts I read a newsletter circulated by American Media Strategist, Researcher and self confessed Trend-Maker, Mark Ramsey.

In it he said, “Imagine a world where your clients are buying custom podcasts from you because the content of that podcast is compelling and attractive and desirable.” 

It sparked the idea for Branded Podcasts bringing together what radio had been doing since the 1920’s in Australia, creating audio using the art of story telling but within the podcasting platform.

“After all, what is an ad but a 30 second podcast – or at least it would be if any listener wanted to consume it on-demand”Mark Ramsey

Branded Podcasts first project was highlighting the work of a South Australian fashion designer.

The three-part series documented the start of Sarah Murphy’s design company to her eventual move from designing her own clothing line to curating vintage pieces from around the world for her online store.

The audio was made available to Sarah to use on her website and social media channels as part of her marketing tool kit. Her feedback was that we had made her sound “interesting”.

It was then, over pizza with IDCrowd Founder and Learning Experience (LX) Designer, Nicole White, I discovered applications for audio within learning experiences.

It became evident, companies are looking for information, good ideas and product reviews delivered in audio form.

And why not it’s a lot cheaper than creating a video.

Another of the advantages of using audio as part of your marketing mix extends outside your business or product being seen or heard, but being shared.


Any business undertaking a marketing campaign wants to reach as many people as possible and creating branded content for your social media channels or websites ticks that box, it generates traffic and increases interest in your business.

In fact, you may even attract unexpected customers drawn to you because of the story you have told.

As a Broadcaster one of the things I value most are people who can keep a conversation going no matter how random the topics get. It’s basically the essence of a good dinner party and the foundation of a great story.

Allowing your product or service to be delivered as a podcast opens up an opportunity to find the colour within your business, by virtue of good story telling.

Large companies including eBay and Tinder have recently produced podcasts showcasing who they are and what they do on that basis.

EBay’s “Open for Business” focuses on a different aspect of starting a business in each episode.

While Tinder’s “Define The Relationship (DTR) delves into the conversation about dating and relationships in the digital age.

You have to be different to stand out and content marketing using podcasts is your opportunity.

So ask yourself, what does my business sound like?