As the name says, is all about connecting the right talent with the right clients. When you create a profile on the platform, we ensure we get all your correct details so that we can match you to jobs that you are suitable for.

When clients post a job on the platform, 9 times out of 10 they already know the type of talent they want. The reason for the brief in the job itself is so that the clients can communicate to you exactly what they are looking for.

The beauty of is that we can then connect our clients with our talent who would be perfect for the job. We do give talent the ability to apply for jobs themselves, however we must ensure that these are applications are for jobs that they are specifically suitable for. Inappropriate applications can undermine the effectiveness of the platform, as well as hurt your reputation as a professional.

Below is a list of features/details that you will need to ensure you match when applying for a job. Sometimes clients need to have the talent matched down to the finest detail of hair colour or eye colour, so please establish that you meet these requirements before applying 🙂

  • Gender
  • Age (We know some people can look younger/older but for initial applications the talent needs to fit the age range in the brief)
  • State
  • Hair colour
  • Eye colour
  • Height
  • Clothing size (Shirt, dress, pants, suit etc)
  • Shoe size
  • Amount of followers for influencer jobs. Unless you receive a specific application request sent to you by the client you cannot apply for influencer jobs if you don’t meet the follower requirement.
  • Build

As mentioned in our T&C’s it is a one strike policy, so if we are alerted that you are applying for jobs you are not suitable for your profile may be removed.

We love the enthusiasm that all of our talent have, and think it’s an amazing quality. However in order to ensure we have a constant flow of jobs coming through the platform our clients need to have a great experience as well. We don’t want to risk clients having to go through hundreds of applicants who don’t fit their brief.

Hope this helps and keep up the great work, team! xx