Words by // Kate E
 Planning for your future isn’t necessarily knowing where your end goal is, it’s about taking a moment to future proof yourself on the way.  Kate E from Kontented Films shares her insight into her future proofing concept.

What is future proofing yourself? It should be the singular focus of the entire creative industry. Long gone are the days of turning up to a job or project and hoping for the best. You need to be relevant, proactive and thinking ahead. What can give you an edge, what will make your day, your project or your campaign better – more beautiful – more creative – more successful and more efficient? These aren’t short cuts, you need to genuinely future gaze and push the boundaries of what is possible. That’s when good work becomes GREAT WORK!

What are the key steps involved? The key steps are being planned. If you’re planned and well organised you are less rushed and have more time to BLUE SKY think. This is that 10% of thinking that isn’t all about the doing or the pragmatic to do list, its the small amount of time when you’re bored that you can truly be creative and THINK. So if you’re organised you’ll have that 10% blue sky time which means you’ll have the chance to actually think. (P.S – being on social media doesn’t count as bored by the way).

Why do people need to start thinking about agility and speed? Give us a scenario!  All reports are leading to consumers I.e. Humans having less and less time. This is means that to stand out you’ve got to do it quick! You know yourself how hard it is to stay on top of all the coms and the speed at which you need to ‘keep up’ in life. So remember that while you’re struggling to keep up, so are the people you want to work with / for. So be brief, courteous and to the point. Ask for what you actually want and have a point of view. Don’t waste time!