At the Australian marketing media carnival for excellence, the truth of progress and its
enemies was an overriding theme.

Though CMOs and Comms Execs continue to make up a large part of the core of
Mumbrella360, politics and regulations – both a passion and unquenchable media profit
center, was huge at this year’s conference.

The Right Fit was there represented by Sidney Pierucci – for 3 days of networking,
brand activations, breakfast croissants, and bold prognostications about the future of
technology and culture.

For the uninitiated, Mumbrella360 is a kind of conference conglomerate. It mixes high-
minded marketing, tech and entertainment industry speaking sessions with a short-
running pair of masterclasses.

Artificial intelligence, and the ever-more-fraught relationship between platform and
publisher felt like some of the major themes du jour, but as with the April instalment of
MumbrellaComms, much of the buzz revolved around Social Media Disruption.

Three M360 Highlights & TRENDS to watch:

Artificial intelligence and automation:
Will a robot take your job? If you’re an Australian, most of your fellow citizens seem to
this so. Accordingly, The One Man Assist the Robot’ keynote by Hamish Cardgill
(Director of Brand Language at XXVI) questioned the decisions of chat bots being
named Jesse (JetStar’s chatbot) and Alexa (Amazon’s chatbot) in a presentation far
from a lecture which explored how brands are shaping the voice of AI technology while
challenging business best practices. The spate of AI and automation events being
trend-driven, Hamish went on to simplify the concept of its genuinely and the relevancy
of the topic to most people’s lives.

Augmented and virtual reality:
As we note back to the ‘VR and the Future of Photo
Shoots keynote; virtual reality has pretty much faded into the background as the hype
has diminished and consumers wait for the technology to catch up to its ambitions.
Meanwhile, augmented reality has taken up the mantle of the new, futuristic tech we’ve
put our sci-fi hopes and dreams into especially in the B2B space as Angus Steven (MD
of Start VR) and Damian Maddan (Global Digital Manager of TWC) debated. “Fashion
Brands have always strived to create worlds for their customers to become immersed
in, and VR has the possibility to make this even easier”.
More than just taking people into a photoshoot the two senior execs showcased how VR
& AR provide opportunities for brands to further educate their customers about their products, innovations and drive them along the path to purchase.

Social media and distribution:
Rising tensions about how we get our information — and whether we can trust it — was
a major discussion throughout this year’s schedule. Every keynote from Junkee Media
lead by Neil Ackland (CEO & Founder) addressed those issues in great depth, as did a
talk from Dan Black (BDM of Showtime Marketing), who explained the push on tech
platforms to reveal more about how attention arbitrage is used and the impact on CLV
(Consumer Lifetime Value). Other sessions also attempted to identify solutions to our
information crisis — again, using artificial intelligence, for example, or placing more
emphasis on fact-checking.

Lastly, to recap a mic-drop moment from these 3 days of educational extravaganza and
marketing immersion, here’s a pearl of wisdom from Kieran Boyd (Sales Director of

Junkee Media) from the ‘Truth or Share – 2018 Upfronts keynote:
While we’re all here distributing content “Most of Gen Z is staying in and binging on
Narcos – instead of going out and binging on Narcos”
See you next year.


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