Fashion trends – the mini style movements that we consciously or unconsciously follow. When you’re in the fashion industry it’s one thing to know the trends but it’s another to understand which ones can be applied year-round to ensure your wardrobe has that conscious yet confident status over being a mere trend follower.


Photocredit: Christian Mushenko

Models: Kristy Allan, Peter Dickin, Chantal Curmi


Here are our top 10 trends that deserve a recurring place in your wardrobe, no matter the season.

  1. Cold shoulder

Perfect for hot days and balmy nights, it was as if the off-the-shoulder piece was made for summer. Dressed down, channel the casual bohemian spirit. Dressed up, it’s the right balance of sexy and sophisticated.


Model: Madeline Joy Relph (@madelinejoyrelph)

  1. Hi shine

Metallic fabrics, sequins, lamé, embellishments… Whatever it takes for the glimmer to catch your eye. This is a trend where if you truly want to nail it, you simply need to go bold with a statement dress or skirt. For those who prefer subtlety, opt to dark colours like navy with a shimmery finish, or add on hi-shine accessories to give your look the Midas touch.


Model: Elise Ho

  1. White here, white now

When temperatures soar, we look to crisp, clean whites for that coolness we need. And as we move to the cooler months, the fashion mood tends to darken with the likes of navy, auburn, black and grey, so hold onto those pearl, cream, and ivory tones to stand out even more.


Model: Brooke Morehead

  1. Yacht Club

Paying homage to the luxury life on and offshore, you can still get away with this trend even if you don’t own a boat. Think Breton in dresses, skirts, t-shirts and neutral shades like sand and beige that say clean-cut yet relaxed.

  1. Take a side

Pick a side and own it for a confident statement. Whether it’s an asymmetrical shoulder or a hi-low hemline, this trend can be tricky. Our tip is to keep it for the evenings with dressier pieces that make a statement as opposed the casual top for the day, which can easily come across as out dated.

  1. Block party

From fiery reds and fuchsia to soft pastels, donning a colour that complements you is the simplest way for striking style. One bold shade has the power to capture the eye, so don’t be afraid to colour block in your outfit and accessories.

  1. Modern nomad

The modern global girl is cooler than ever with prints inspired by all around the world, plus fringed details, shearling, and woven fabrics that give the bohemian look a ‘70s spin, with a nod towards a time of exploration. Istanbul, Bali, Tibet, Byron Bay, this trend brings out the free-spirited nomad in all of us.

  1. All-day active

Is it socially acceptable to run grocery errands in your activewear? With beautifully designed leggings to shoes that feel like clouds, it’s no wonder that the lines are blurring between casual and gym wear. Don’t forget, there is a time and place for every outfit, and a full gym kit won’t do when you’re not at the gym. Aim for the perfect balance of sport and lifestyle – think leggings with an oversized tee, or trainers with a summer dress.

  1. Monochrome

A big favourite of ours, especially for work wear, that will never go out of style. Black is always a flattering choice, and the key is in working prints, textures and panelled details. . If you think black, white and grey sounds boring, then you simply don’t know how to work the palette to your advantage.

  1. Embrace lace

This season sees the lace trend being revamped from its overly delicate days, and we couldn’t be happier about it. While it’s still feminine, it’s now a little less girly (and bridal party) and a little more alluring. Bold colours, netting and mesh, these modern peek-a-boo pieces to show the right amount of skin without entering into lingerie territory.




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