As a platform valued at $16 billion and with 150 million users sharing 115, 000 snaps per second, Snapchat can no longer be taken lightly. At the moment, it is still considered as the teenager’s ‘sexting’ application but that generalisation is no longer relevant.

Snapchat is evolving into a platform where you can take your followers on an adventure away from their daily lives, take them behind the scenes and provide them with authentic and unedited content. Instagram is beautiful photos and Facebook is engagement but Snapchat allows you to be yourself.

People (i.e. potential clients and agencies) can get insight into your personality, style and authenticity. As consumers we invest in brands and people because of the emotions they create inside us. Nike is fitness, Louis Vuitton is luxury and Apple is beautiful design.

There’s a reason why people will say no to fake Rolex sellers on the street to pay full-price for an real one. The owner can feel the real “crown of achievement” when he/she purchases one at the official store. So Snapchat allows brands/people to amplify such emotions in a much more personal and social manner.

That’s why Snapchat is impacting every industry, especially the fashion and agency sector.

Three great examples of brands/personalities

  • ASOS — 20 million unique views during London Fashion Week. Also do product previews and showcase their company culture
  • Cara Delevingne — Launched the Burberry Snapchat account and uses her personal account to shows your fans who the real Cara is.
  • Kylie Jenner — Provide insight into her day whilst promoting brand products.

Ways to grow your Snapchat following

  • Leverage existing social media channels and convert them into followers on Snapchat
  • Do ‘Takeovers’ on other accounts/collaborate with other people in your industry
  • Post your handle on email signatures, blogs etc.
  • Utilize third party applications such as GhostCodes to discover and add similar people in your industry

However the best way to grown your following is to be interesting and craft compelling stories. This takes time, a lot of planning and testing. However if you can consistently add value to your audience, the followers will come and they will enjoy wathcing your Stories. (The fundamental behind any social media channel growth).

The Future of Snapchat

Snapchat is already a huge player in the social media game but there is a lot of evidence to suggest that it could be the next Instagram. Having surpassed Twitter in the number of monthly users, Instagram in the amount of time spent and reaching number one in the US App Store, Snapchat is going get very big within the next 6–12 months.

So to those that can get the creative and strategy correct, there is a lot of opportunity to grow your company/personal brand.


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