Jessica from the sustainable fashion brand Elysian Swimwear knew she needed some beautiful ladies of all shapes and sizes to model her Elysian Swimwear pieces.

She came to and found the perfect female models and influencers. She couldn’t be happier with the result and the Instagram posts are just gorgeous!


My brief was to find a wide range of female influencers and models who are comfortable in their own skin. As an emerging brand with only around 3000 social following on Instagram, I wanted to send Elysian Swim bikinis to selected ladies in exchange for social media posts.

About the Brand

My designs are reversible and the swimwear is sustainable, for babes who love the ocean. We use a new type of material that is not used anywhere else in Australia so I really wanted to showcase this.

My goal was to not only gain exposure and following through social media but also to gain images I could use in my marketing going forward. Because I’m so new, I only had lookbook images. I needed images of normal people in my designs also for social media.


What was the response like to your job?

I had a huge response which I was really excited about. At the start I only sent a couple, to gauge the quality of what I would get back. I was really happy with it so I ended up sending around 30 bikinis Australia wide.

What was the best part about using platform?

I would say the best part was the variety of the talent. Not only did I want to have influencers but I also wanted normal girls. This was so I could showcase the swimwear on a multitude of different bodies and shapes. I don’t want to just show unattainable bodies and alienate most of the population.

How has your experience been with

Brilliant, I loved that I had the help of the CEO Taryn. She was really lovely and down to earth, understood that I was new and dedicated time to answer all my questions. The girls have in the most part been extremely professional and posted straight away. I actually also used a model from theright fit as one of my lookbook campaign models. She was incredible!

The success of the campaign was gauged on an increase in social following as I could showcase my designs more effectively to a wider variety of potential customers. I’m also now doing a marketing campaign utilising some of the images.

Check out some of our stunning talent in Elysian Swim bikins below!



Check out Elysian Swim below