Perhaps it go’s without saying, we all have a personal brand.  This could be described as an image, a value system, “a shadow of social posts” if you will, which we build up over time. 

Whether you invest in developing this or not, it exists. So why shouldn’t you put your best foot forward and build a personal brand which cohesively aligns your goals and your values outwardly?

A good place to start is your visual image. This includes headshots which act as touch points for events, LinkedIn posts and personal flyers. Which, in today’s modern climate, is more important than ever!
Case in point,  clients, customers and peers want to know who they are dealing with and what they look like. Because, in a day and age where digital touch-points are growing (if not the only touch point), a photo transcends language barriers, builds connections and fosters a more personable first impression.

Create an image

So knowing all this, why don’t you make 2019 the year you invest in brand you. Create a pool of images you can re-purpose for events, speaking gigs or even your resume. Because, I promise you, having an image you’re proud to show will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Don’t believe me? Consider what happened the last time you were asked to submit an image. Did you cringe for a moment? Exactly.

To make this experience easier we have put together a package which is affordable, self-directive and quick. 

and here it is….

Our offer

One final note

Lastly, we understand the process of taking new images can be confusing or even a bit scary. That’s why we encourage you to drop us a line at [email protected] We can help you craft a shoot that will serve your best self.

Make 2019 the year you own your personal branding.

By Amber Van Twest