Social media can be many things. It’s a platform to share everything about your life. It’s a chance to connect with a community you may never have had access to.

But it can also be a place that breeds low self esteem when the majority of photos on your feed are heavily filtered, posed and editted.

Some of Australia’s top social media influencers and talent, like Poppy Frances and Annaliese Gann, are breaking through the “perfect” instagram feed by sharing some realism, showing their followers what their life looks like most of the time behind closed doors. No makeup. No lighting. No editting. This, they hope, will encourgae body positivity. 

“So much of social media is built on the premise that life is beautiful. But what’s the cost of the pursuit of crafting a perfect feed? We spoke to the top instagrammers championing for the #Instarealism movement.”

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