Lessons from a Smart, Genuine and Savvy Young Business Leader

Episode 128

Taryn Williams is one of Australia’s top young female entrepreneurs, named as a Finalist in the 2015 Female Entrepreneur Awards, a Smart Company 30 under 30 as well as being named one of Australia’s Top 100 coolest companies.

A former model, she founded WINK Models in 2007, a leading modelling agency, then starting the right.fit, an online business that connects brands, agencies and content creators with top quality, hand-picked Models, photographers, stylists. Her agencies are used by the top advertising, marketing and PR agencies.

Taryn is a smart, genuine and savvy business person who understands the business world, and what it takes to make things happen. This show is full of GOLD. Performance, productivity, problem solving and leading disruption, we cover it all.

  • Taryn’s day-to-day work, what does a day look like?
  • Going to an international school and living in another culture, did these early years shape Taryn as a go-getter today?
  • Solving a problem for the modelling industry, that no-one else had solved.
  • What was the dream when WINK first started?
  • A former law student, how did Taryn know that turning to modelling would be right?
  • What was the actual moment when Taryn said “this will actually work”
  • Mentor – What’s the perfect structure in working with a mentor?
  • Taryn said ‘the status quo “is never good enough‘. Has Taryn always had this disruptive approach to status quo?
  • Why the right.fit?
  • With the right.fit potentially cannibalising WINK Models, is Taryn disrupting and attacking herself first?
  • Running two businesses and a team, what are the top tips to productivity? Time blocking.
  • What’s the first hour of the day look like?
  • The personal workout philosophies within the company?
  • Living by the philosophies of Hunter S. Thompson.

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