If you post something on a social media platform and no one engages with it, is it really of value to your brand? Creating content for the sake of having something there is a surefire way to turn killer posts into filler posts. Yes, “always on” social channels are hard to feed, but you don’t need to resort to dud content just to keep your channel up to date.

Aim to post content that is shareable because it’s beautiful, interesting, worthy and/or funny, which connects your brand to those traits. Amplification, when your content is shared through organic or paid engagement on social media platforms, increases your word-of-mouth exposure. It works by getting your message promoted and spread through employees, customers, industry partners, fans and influencers—the stakeholders who matter most to your business.

Here are three ways to amplify your presence through social media.

1. Sharing is caring

Instead of investing your time and effort in creating dud content, spend it instead on sharing other people’s. Posting or sharing user-generated content, especially by content creators or influencers, opens up a great source of fresh, engaging material. It helps you avoid stepping into advertising territory, as well as amplifies your brand across other channels.

Searching for and sharing user-generated content is additionally an ideal way to discover, connect, support and engage with the customers and fans in your community.

2. Collaborate

Working with like-minded influencers or brands open doors to new communities, because you can then produce content that leverages their reputation and followers. More than nine in 10 consumers say a word-of-mouth recommendation is the “leading reason they buy a product or service” and when someone has built a trusted relationship with their followers, you receive the added positive effect of their endorsement.

Look for complementary organisations or influencers that share your values and collaborate. This could be anything from a special product line, to an event or campaign. When The Right Fit ran Sydney’s Biggest Photoshoot in May, we brought together 20 brands with photographers, videographers, models, influencers, stylists and hair and makeup artists. Products were donated or loaned in exchange for 20 images they could use on their social channels. Because so many people with different followers were involved, a handful of participants were able to reach 1.3 million people.

3. Create multi-platform content

Make sure you’re getting bang for your buck when you create content and think of how you can use it across different platforms, for example an Instagram image you can use on your blog that you could then reference in a LinkedIn post. This will increase the chances that it will resonate with someone on one of those channels, who then amplifies it.

Don’t let content die in a dark corner of your channel. Get it out to the people who matter!

Author: Taryn Williams

CEO and Founder of Theright.fit

Article posted at : https://insidesmallbusiness.com.au/sales-marketing/the-power-of-social-media-amplification-for-business