Qantas ‘Meet the Makers’ campaign recently took off, working with influencers Jason and Naomi from to take you behind the scenes and illustrate where the inflight and Qantas lounge dishes come from.

The clip shows Jason and Naomi learning about dishes from multiple locations across the western suburbs of Sydney, essentially meeting the creators of these dishes that are served both domestically and internationally. Their acting skills viewed through their obvious on video chemistry and ability to be seen as a couple show off their talent in the field.

Mark from Qantas took the time to give some feedback, letting us know that Jason and Naomi were joys to work with from the beginning to the end of their shoot. He commented on their warmth and friendly nature that made them an absolute pleasure to work with and that they worked brilliantly across both still and motion pictures.

This was the first video of the campaign with more to come. Stay tuned for more Meet the Makers with Jason and Naomi.

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Meet the Makers – Crumpets by Merna

Meet the Makers – Wine by Gundog

The Talent: