Singapore is a dynamic city and arguably the busiest transit stop in the world. This means they need versatile talent with looks that can translate within multiple markets.

Grand Hyatt came to looking for a brunette European or Eurasian looking model, aged between 25-35 years of age and for a rebranding video shoot for a luxury hotel. This needed to have a quick turnaround, and delivered. 

When the Grand Hyatt found Amber C, they knew they had, afterwards saying:

“Amber was lovely both on and off the camera… We will use again.”

Amber fit the brief perfectly, bringing her bubbly personality to the shoot and helping Meesta Productions create a short film that communicated brand values as well as destination characteristics. They even commented on Ambers “wonderful charms and looks made the story personal and believable.” This was extremely important to the client who wanted somebody whose warmth jumped off the screen.

Check out a clip below:


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The Talent: