Refer talent and get rewarded

Refer your friends and get rewarded

Let’s work together to find your talented friends, connections, and contacts more work and ultimately earn more coin. Share the love ❤️

Introducing our talent referral program

All you need to do is download app on iOS or Android, refer your friends, and when 3 of them create a profile on, you automatically unlock 6 months of free PRO!

With PRO, you get the following:

  • Unlimited monthly applications. You can apply for as many jobs as your heart desires.
  • 10% commissions on bookings. Meaning more money in your pocket.
  • Unlimited talent categories. That way, you can tell the world all the different things you do!
  • Unlimited photos and 10 x videos on your profile. Show off your range and help brands get to know you.
  • Your profile at the top-of-the-list search results
  • Full insurance coverage on bookings

When 3 of your referrals create profiles, we’ll email you your PRO code, and you can apply this directly to your profile to unlock your 6 months of free PRO!

Step-by-step guide on applying your PRO code to your profile:


This one is a little tricky, but trust us, the juice will be worth the squeeze!

  1. Navigate to the subscription area on the app.
  2. Start a monthly plan (don’t worry, you won’t be charged because the first month of PRO is automatically free!)
  3. Once you’re a subscriber, you can add the promo code, and the 6 months of PRO is added to your profile.


It’s easy to redeem 6 months of PRO; follow these two steps:

  1. Navigate to the subscription area on the app.
  2. Pop your code into the redeem section, and voila, 6 months of PRO will be added to your profile.

What are you waiting for? Start racking your brain for any models, actors, extras, photographers, videographers, make-up artists, content creators, celebrities, or influencers you may know!


What happens after 6 months?

If you love PRO (which we secretly know you will), you can continue your PRO subscription at $10.95 a month, which will be billed automatically after 6 months. If you’re not that into PRO, no hard feelings, you can cancel anytime by jumping into the subscription area on your app.

What if I’m already PRO?

Rest assured, we’d never penalise a legend. You can add the free 6 months with your code when your current PRO account runs out.

Can I cancel my PRO subscription?

Of course, whenever you like! Head on over to the subscription area on your app and cancel away.

What else do I get on PRO?

If you want to check out the side-by-side of the standard to PRO, head over to this comparison page.

How many people can I refer?

Trick question—there’s no limit! We highly suggest you rack your brain for any models, actors, extras, photographers, videographers, make-up artists, content creators, celebrities, or influencers you may know! They’ll thank you for helping them access extraordinary opportunities with incredible brands.

How do you know if my friends have signed up?

We have some fancy tech that pumps that data through to us. Rest assured, if your friend signs up with your code, we’ll know, and when 3 of your friends create profiles, you’ll be rewarded toot sweet.

Why isn’t the program showing up on my dashboard?

Uh oh, that’s not right! I’d double-check that you’ve got the latest version of the app running on your phone. If the problem persists, would you be able to email us at [email protected] with a screenshot of your dashboard so we can look into it?

What if I don’t have the app?

It’s super easy to download whether you’re on iOS or Android.

Can I use my computer?

Unfortunately, not my friend. This program is only available through app on iOS or Android.

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