We recently sat down with Singapore based creative, Zoe who shared a little insight on her career to date, both in Singapore and India.

Tell us about your role, and how you got started?
I am a Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Model, Actor. From a very young age i’ve had the passion for The Arts. I used to act in quite a few commercials from the age of 7 until 17. I loved to sing and take part in theatre performances as well. I was infatuated with YouTube, and other forms of Social media and loved making content for online videos. I always knew that i wanted to be in the entertainment industry and I have been following my passions with no hesitation.

 How has your role and the industry evolved in the last 12-24 months?
My role as a musician in the industry has drastically changed over the last 12-24 months. I was quite lost last year in terms of how to get my name out in order to start my career. However, last year i auditioned for ‘The Stage 3’, India’s only nation-wide English Singing Reality Show on Colorsinfinity channel. I was chosen to be in the competition and fought it out till the finale (Top 4). The recognition that came after really helped me navigate which direction I have to move in, and what I want to do. It has given me many opportunities as well.
Zoe Siddarth
 What was a career highlight for you, and tell us how you achieved it?
A career highlight for me would definitely be reaching the end of the competition as a FINALIST. I was put up in a hotel for two and a half months, singing, practicing, learning and competing. It was rough at times but over all one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I didn’t make it the first time, but I persevered and managed to fight my way to the top. I felt like a winner just by making it to the last fight.

 What has been the best campaign you’ve worked on, and why?
When I was slightly younger, I did a commercial for Vodaphone India, a very big mobile phone provider. It was a large campaign as such.

Do you have any predictions for the future of social media, advertising, content creation, PR, and marketing in general?
Social media, content creation, PR, marketing and advertising honestly is the future. It is just evolving constantly, social media is really taking over. I personally always have been on the social media ride and myself have been trying to use it as a tool in order to benefit my music. It is a way to gain a community who will support you, and your business, you can get job opportunities and advertise your products through it.

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Advice you wish you could give your younger self?
I wish i could’ve told myself to get out of my shy shell and branch out to explore the music scene in India and get a hang of it at a younger age. I would’ve wished to have done more with my time, and if I would have approached social media like a job, maybe my channels and feeds would have a lot more traction now.

 What books are you reading, or podcasts are you listening to?
I usually watch more than read, but currently I’ve been researching about social media marketing, community building, and content creation.

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