is a media house for brands based in Australia. They do work with advertising and public relations as well as expert film production. Throughout the last year they have worked with talent for many brand campaigns and partnerships. These brands include MAM Baby Aus and Lucky Chicken Eggs.

MAM is an Austrian company producing baby products that aims to solve a range of problems your baby may have, such as colic pains, teething pains, sleeping problems and much more.

The company was on the hunt of bloggers and influencers in the baby space to create cool and creative content for a global brand. 

The campaign included the following brief:

                0  Bloggers to share or write articles about the brand.

                0  Influencers to share photos with product on their social media

Along with the above campaign, Scott also booked talent for a shoot with Lucky Chicken Eggs! Lucky Chicken Eggs are free range, antibiotic free and no added hormones.

The brief for this job was simple, Lucky Chicken Eggs needed Health, Fitness and and Food bloggers who love eggs! They found this in five talent through

Scott is also a talent himself, working with many brands including FitBit, GrowSuper and more. We recently spoke to him and this is what he has to say about

“The right fit has been absolutely amazing for my personal brand and for my media agency over the past 12 months. I have landed some brilliant gigs as a talent (host and business expert) including campaigns for brands such as Royal Brunei Airlines, FitBit, Grow Super and more. The platform has also been instrumental for large scale PR and influencer outreach campaigns that I have executed for top Australian clients like Lucky Chicken Eggs and MAM Baby through my agency Mead Media. Overall I think the flow and functionality of the platforms flow and the quality talent makes for the perfect fit for both and agency.”  – Scott Bidmead

You can find scott on

Talent booked: