Sydney's Biggest Photoshoot

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Sydney just got its Biggest Photoshoot ever, and what a day it was!

On May 21st, Sidney Pierucci was among 80-or-so industry professionals filing into the Carlotta Studios in Artarmon at 7am for Sydney's Biggest Photoshoot.

Organised by, in collaboration with Carlotta Studios, the event took place over 16h where influencers, models and clients partnered up to create 'as much content as possible at scale’.

They smashed it out of the park. An incredible 1.3 million was the collective reach of over 250 pieces of content distributed on Instagram alone! The Iconic, Grey Goose, Sass & Bide, Generation Clay, Kat The Label, and others used loads of content produced on the day across various social channels in the following days.

The spirit of the day was collaboration, providing a blank canvas for everyone involved to splash with creativeness!

"You can really tell when people are joining forces to ‘CREATE’. And everyone seemed to be having such a great time,” said Daniel (Carlotta Studios Director)  

“The buzz was real. Everyone was laughing! And from experience when people laugh and are relaxed, they perform their best!” Said influencer Ashley Ruscoe.

“We were honestly a little sceptic about the whole concept… we don’t normally work without giving a client brief! Nicole (Grey Goose Ambassador) stated. “What a pleasant surprise it was to receive some of the greatest content Grey Goose has ever shot!! The whole team was literally mind-blown – Great execution. We will work with for many years to come”

Conceived by founder, Taryn Williams, and delivered by Marketing Manager, Ali King, Sydney’s Biggest Photoshoot was a first-of-its-kind event. And perhaps, glimpse into the future of content creation. Offering the chance for creatives to showcase their talent.

With a full day of cooperation, collaboration and integration, with brands, creators and talent - once again put the power of its platform on display. With thousands of creative talent to choose from, why should any brand missout on the same experience?


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