April 8, 2019

Models: Fermio Vitamins

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Recently, Fermio booked some talent from theright.fit. Working with a mixture of actors, models, videographers, and bloggers; Fermio have all bases covered. Fermio lab offers plant-based pretox drinks, scientifically formulated to provide healthy habits and a helpful boost. Bringing their product into everyday life and inspiring everyone to improve their health is their goal. With the …

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November 14, 2018

Hand Held Stars vs Household Stars

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If you missed out on theright.fit breakfast this week then we have got you covered with some of the hot tips that were dished out along with a delicious breakfast at The Butler. The breakfast saw top talent, brands and agencies come together to discuss how to make killer content in 2019 and answer burning …

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May 29, 2018

Extra-fraudinary influencers and fake followers

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In the wake of recent media buying scandals and concerns around production budgets and spends, transparency of media and production buying and the effectiveness of advertisers’ investments in these services is becoming increasingly important and frequently scrutinised.

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