January 27, 2016

THERIGHT.FIT | Featured on StartUp Daily

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For every Kendall or Miranda that makes it down the runway at a Victoria’s Secret show, there are hundreds of thousands more models looking to make it in the industry. Modelling is a notoriously tough business and, if you’re not related to a Kardashian, the key to achieving supermodel status is often signing with the right agency that has the right connections with brands and designers. But like many industries that enable success based on who you know, this often means talented people are being left out of the picture.

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January 21, 2016

THERIGHT.FIT | Featured on Dynamic Business

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Technology and tradition are continually battling it out as each fight for their place on the industrial landscape. We have Uber vs taxis, Airbnb vs hotels and now even home chefs vs restaurants. Accomplished entrepreneur, Taryn Williams, has a very different outlook on the infiltration of technology into the status quo – so alternative that after growing her model agency, Wink Models, to an annual turnover of $4 million, she has been prepared to “press the disrupt button“ on her own industry with the introduction of her digital marketplace, theright.fit.

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