September 13, 2016

Top models in Australia talk reasons to LOVE modelling.

Self Expression, Storytelling, Adventure, Challenge, Creativity, Great Friends, Art – the reasons to love modelling are actually endless.

We asked this weeks’ TOP 3 talent (who we believe are some of the top models in Australia) to share what they LOVE about their modelling careers and our industry.

Their responses are a great reminder of the rich and wonderful world that exists beyond the camera, and of all we can achieve in our careers.

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August 31, 2016

Dogs & Your Humans: Pound Paws Dog Day Out

Pound Paws is a non for profit organisation based in Australia, which assists in the re-homing of dogs & cats in Australian pounds and rescue centres. It provides the first of its kind search engine in Australia, which allows you to search for breeds, age, size and lifestyle match for pets available for adoption all over Australia.

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March 26, 2016

Lana Jeavons-Fellows + Kate Johnston of Wholehearted Smoothies


Wholehearted is a delicious smoothie recipe eBook for nourishing your heart. Each smoothie has been lovingly created by influencers Lana Jeavons-Fellows & Kate Johnston, with a different heart healthy ingredient in mind. Colloquially labelled “our little book made with huge love.”

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