Snapchat and the fashion idnsutry

This study will cover the basics of Snapchat and how fashion retailers are utilising the platform to engage with their audience.


For people who aren’t in the fashion industry, it is very hard to get a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes at large fashion shows. However that experience is now accessible to millennials as seen with ASOS who received up to 20 million unique views worldwide during the London Fashion Week on the emerging social media platform — Snapchat.

The industry is all about engaging content, strong branding combined with a thorough understanding of the seasonal trends. That is why Snapchat is so effective to capture the ‘fast fashion’. With close to 150 million users sharing 115, 000 snaps per second, it adds a new element to social media — storytelling and transparency.

Instagram is beautiful pictures and Facebook is engagement, but Snapchat is depth. Its real, authentic content allows users to invest in what the company/brand represents.

Snapchat Overview

Snapchat and the fashion idnsutry


The three main features that are being used to accelerate brand engagement — Chat, Geofilters and Stories.

Snapchat and the fashion idnsutry

Brand examples:

Snapchat and the fashion idnsutry

Other brands:

  • @teenvogue: Teen Vogue – Events, influencers and unboxing
  • @thelazyceo: Showpo – Company culture and insight into dayinthelifeofaCEO
  • @shopstyle: Shop Style – Use of Emoticodes, discount codes and product previews
  • @asos: ASOS – Fashion show footage and tutorials @calvinklein – Calvin Klein – Asked fans to send snaps using their CK One fragrance and uploaded them to Story
  • @alexanderwangny: Alexander Wang – Giveaways

Future of Snapchat:

Having surpassed Twitter in the number of monthly users, Instagram in the amount of time spent and reaching number one in the US App Store, Snapchat is going get very big within the next 6–12 months. The speed at which they are innovating and releasing updates is incredible. They are also exploring the ability to make in app purchases and looking into 3D projects and augmented reality.

Within the Australian landscape, it will probably take a bit longer than the US, so to businesses that can correctly execute the creative and strategy, there is a lot of opportunity.


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