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But, are you wondering, what is contra? And, is there any room for negotiation when you apply? Of course! Let’s get into it:

What is Contra:

Contra is essentially gifting. Brands will gift products to influencers mainly for these three things:

  1. Spread the word about the brand and the product;
  2. Create UGC (User Generated Content); and
  3. Reach a range of new potential customers.

Benefits to Contra for Influencers:

So, why should you do a contra campaign for a brand? Why not a paid campaign? There are two really good reasons:

  1. Creative Control – Since it is not a paid campaign, the client cannot dictate the copy (caption) or the creative (photo/video content). It is up to you to share the gift in a way that best resonates with your audience in an authentic way. So, you don’t have to stress about presenting the content that best fits the client, it’s actually about how it best fits you. You’re the focus and you have all the creative control. Isn’t that great? And, as mentioned before, brands actually want to get UGC (User Generated Content). So, personalised content works well for both the talent and the client!
  2. Extra Content – As an influencer, it’s a lot of hassle to keep organising content shoots. Let’s say you’re a lifestyle influencer: you have to organise wardrobe, H&MU, the location as well as the theme of the shoot for your content. By agreeing to do a contra collaboration with, for example, a clothing brand, you’re guaranteeing wardrobe for your shoot. That’s one less thing for you to organise and you still get to have 100% creative control! This is especially good if you were already going to pay for what the brand is offering as a contra collaboration.

How should influencers apply and negotiate?

Since it is contra and not a paid collaboration, don’t forget that you can negotiate when you apply for the collaboration. While as clients/brands usually look for:

  • 1 x Instagram infeed post; and
  • 1 x Instagram story (1-3 slides).

This doesn’t stop you from applying for contra and offering different deliverables. For example, you might like to do 1 x Instagram story (3 slides) in exchange for the contra. Or, you might offer them 1 x reel or 1 x Tiktok post. It’s up to you to offer alternative deliverables to the client when you apply. Take into consideration:

  • The value of the gift being provided;
  • How long it would take for you to take the content;
  • What platform you would like to create content on; and
  • What deliverables would befit the value of the gift.

Don’t forget to take control and showcase how much you know about your own platform, what kind of content you would like to produce and what kind of content your audience would best resonate with. You know your own audience best.

Good luck on booking contra collaborations!

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