Newsflash: team have launched The Influencers Agency.

So, what is it and how does it impact the talent on platform?

What is it?

Due to huge client demand, we have launched Australia’s only flat rate influencer marketing agency. The Influencers Agency team will manage influencer campaigns for brands from end to end and each campaign will have a dedicated Account Manager.

What does it mean for the talent?

Well, you might have already interacted with team on prior bookings through the platform. We’ve been managing end to end influencer campaigns for clients all along. The only difference is that we have a dedicated agency now with a flat fee. You’ll interact with our Account Managers who will send you the brief, collaborate with you to get the content out smoothly and then work with you to finalise all post campaign reporting.

This means more support for you when you’re booked on influencer campaigns. You can ask us questions that you may not want to ask a client in fear of seeming “unknowledgeable” e.g. “How do I get insights?” (You can find the answer here).

Our team is made up of experienced marketers with experience from an agency background, brand background and even from an influencer side of things so we’ll be able to provide support on all aspects. We can discuss how your content will take shape and guide you toward what fits the client’s objectives best. 

So, in the future, if you see your content pop up on The Influencers Agency’s Instagram, don’t be alarmed. Our Instagram is located at:

Follow us and let’s start creating amazing content for our clients!