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August 2, 2023

The Power of Profit: The Influencer’s Guide to Charging for Boosting and Usage Rights!

Get excited as we delve into the world of boosting, usage rights, and how you can charge for these valuable assets. We understand that navigating this territory can be confusing, but fear not! We're here to break it all down for you, providing you with the knowledge and tools to excel in your future brand collaborations. Unleash your true potential, understand your worth, and seize opportunities to earn that extra, well-deserved cash.

Source: www.lumanu.com/blog/how-influencers-charge-whitelisting-usage-rights

Boosting vs Usage Rights 🚀

Boosting is a well-known paid strategy used when it comes to promoting content for social media. Essentially, it's a paid tool accessible through social platforms that enables brands to allocate additional budget towards the reach of selected social posts, and deliver this to a wider set of audiences. Thus allowing marketers the flexibility to dominate the digital landscape by utilising creator content to reach their campaign objectives whether it be reach, engagement, traffic. *Please note this does NOT include organic resharing where the brand will repost your content on their socials, without spend, which does not count as boosting. Please see Paid vs Organic for more info below*

Usage Rights on the other hand are a critical aspect in the realm of influencer marketing, shaping the duration and ownership that a brand holds over a specific piece of content or imagery, as well as determining where it can be utilised.  Additionally, when considering the potential reuse of this valuable content across different forms of media exports, such as website promotions, EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) campaigns, or in-store displays, the scope and reach of the brand's messaging expand exponentially. By strategically leveraging these Usage Rights, brands can elevate their brand presence and create a cohesive brand experience that resonates with consumers across diverse touchpoints.

What does this mean for Creators?

For creators, being aware of the boosting and usage rights for each booked job is essential, as they can significantly impact payment terms. Missing these details can lead to future collaboration issues with new clients or undervaluing your content. Remember, each job booked on "theright.fit" constitutes an agreement, so identifying and acknowledging the usage rights and boosting terms is crucial. Align your pricing accordingly to ensure fair compensation for your work.

To avoid any complications, we recommend asking specific questions about boosting and usage during the briefing stage well before confirming the job. This proactive approach will save time and hassle in the long run, ensuring you receive the proper value for the content you create. At theright.fit, we highly value your work and are committed to empowering creators like you to thrive in the ever-evolving world of influencer marketing. Together, let's elevate your influence and success!

Source: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/instagram-lets-advertisers-boost-organic-posts-as-feed-ads/311259/ 

Standard Durations for Boosting and Usage 

Durations for boosting & usage rights may vary, but we've certainly got you covered with some options that clients commonly choose for their content needs. Be assured that this is constantly changing in the industry, and you must ensure to ask the duration with the client before booking for that particular job. Remember: don’t sign away unlimited rights! Always define, refine and negotiate! Or, if you do, make sure your rates account for this.

  • Average duration (30-90 days): Campaigns have quick turnarounds, social media has ever-changing content, and brands don’t want to pay for trending content that was so…last week.
  • Shorter term (3-6 months): Perfect for YouTube campaigns, annual brand campaigns or products that have a long history that just need a refresh.

Crack the Pricing Code: How do I know what to charge for Boosting or Usage?

One of the hardest things about being a creator is talking money and knowing what to charge for boosting and usage. Never fear, we’re going to bulk you up with some background knowledge and influence so you can master the art of charge!

Don’t be afraid to ask the brand additional questions to help you better understand how to price your deliverables but also provide valuable insights into the different ways content boosting is utilised across various social media platforms. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the brand’s strategy and broaden your knowledge of the diverse approaches they’ve employed on their socials - you could even use these tactics on your own personal brand! Here are a few different ways creators negotiate these into their fees (and of course we’ll give you a general outline of what to charge as well):

  • All-inclusive (like a resort!)🏝️

Boosting and repurposing content are becoming the norm. Include it in your fee, so there are no extra costs for brands. Micro and nano influencers often charge a higher rate to incorporate boosting and usage fees. Alternatively, some offer 0% for the first 1-2 weeks to amplify their content and see it as an opportunity to grow their portfolio and work with the brand.

  • Charge per week 📅 (like your rent!)

The classic approach. Brands typically ask for around 1-2 weeks of boosting and 4-6 weeks of usage. Negotiate the time period and consider adding an extension clause for that sweet, passive income!

  • Variable fees 💸

This type of fee is normally negotiated by macro influencers, celebrities and those represented by talent agencies. Charge a percentage (4-5%) of the total ad cost for campaigns with larger budgets. For an ad spend of $10,000, this would be an extra $400-$500 payment for the influencer.

When adding your extra fees, remember to factor in deliverables, follower count, engagement, audience and the company itself (if it’s a brand that aligns to you and your values, possibly leveraging these fees to receive that longer term partnerships goal. )

Speaking to a few of our friends in the industry, here’s a rough pricing guide for a 30-90 day usage period

  • Nano/micro creators: $50-$300 for 30 days
  • Experienced micro influencers or macro influencers: $100-$250 per week 
  • Influencers with agency representation (micro to macro): $150-$500 per week

Kynship have come up with the below formula for some quick maths:

Deliverables + Usage Rights (+ Length of Term) = $Your Fee

Know Your worth: Understand Your Value to Help Determine Your Usage, Boosting price! 💪

So now you’re an expert on usage and boosting rights, you can put your knowledge to the test when negotiating with new clients. Unfortunately boosting and usage rates isn’t a “one shoe fits all” situation. Only you, being the content expert that you are, can understand your audience, analytics to determine your pricing. However we’ve come up with some questions to ask yourself below per agreement and things to help you discover your pricing for boosting and usage per negotiation.

  • Is this a brand that aligns to your values? If so, perhaps you’re happy to be more flexible in order to work with your dream brand. Or you could decide to go the other way and vouch for your amazing audience demographics that align to their brand that you know is worth the extra rate you’re asking for.
  • How will they boost, where will this be used? There’s many ways to boost and you could consider asking if they will boost from the brand's profile or yours? If from yours you may be advancing great benefits, as your profile will be the call to action, so basically this paid content will promote your social profile, which will lead new audiences and new followers to your profile - how cool! 
  • Do you want this to be a longer term partnership? Perhaps this may be a way to lock in ongoing collabs, and become a win-win by changing your pricing knowing you’ll have certain ongoing work with this client and build some great relationships with like-minded clients. 
  • Are you getting what YOU want out of this experience? Similar to if it aligns to your values, but perhaps this client is one of the niches you’ve always wanted to tap into, give possible options to the client, mix of deliverables, lengths of usage and boosting in order to get the best possible results and gain out of the awesome collab. If it’s a brand you want to work with, providing more options allows you to get what you want out of the collab, as well as give flexibility to the client; as they’re juggling budgets, and many different creators, you want to help them with this process.

To charge or not to charge? That is the influencer’s dilemma! When it comes to boosting and usage rights, the answer is clear: add it to my fee! Your creative brilliance deserves compensation, so don’t shy away from charging for the value you bring to brands. Whether you’re a nano, micro, or macro influencer, remember this golden rule: your content is gold, and it’s time to cash in on it. In the word’s of L’Oréal: Because you’re worth it.

Keep the conversation ‘organically’ going on socials (we won’t charge you for this, hehe) and follow us on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Threads! Also stay connected with like-minded creators and delve into their Influencer Diaries.

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