When you visit a website’s “About” page, you generally get to know a little bit about the business. You usually discover what the core values of the business are. You may find out how the company started.

When you visit the Best Friends for Frosting’s “About” page, you can feel Melissa Johnson’s essence. You can sense her joy and the geniune passion she has for what she does.

We sat down with Melissa Johnson– businesswoman, creative and social media influencer- to talk about how social media has changed her life and where she thinks her lifestyle website Best Friends For Frosting (BFFF) will go next.

theright.fit @bestfriendsforfrosting interview

Why is social media important for you and your brand?

For Melissa, social media has transformed her business but it’s also transformed her personal life. She met her husband on MySpace, so she is a big supporter of social media and its ability to bring people together.

“In 2005, I met my husband on MySpace, so I’m a huge advocate for social media,” Melissa says. “The internet is continuing to bless our lives on a business level, which has been such a “pinch me” experience. We’ve learned that most of our loyal readership has found us through social media. Being able to continue to build a brand and nurture reader relationships through social media has been a huge factor in building our brand.”

It’s hard for Melissa to determine which social media platform is her favourite. She tosses between the two most visual mediums: Instagram and Pintrest.

“I am such a visual person,” she says.  “I’ll look at a picture before I even begin to read the words. But because of the new algorithms Instagram is integrating, I would have to say Pinterest is my favourite platform.”

 theright.fit @bestfriendsforfrosting interview

Influencer collaborations and corporate partnerships: making it work

Brands are starting to tap into the reach social media influencers have. For people like Melissa, whose brand has a significant social following, this allows her to work with “dream brands”.

“At this point of business, we formulate a list of dream brands we would love to work with. Then we pitch!  Brands will also pitch to us. What I love about this industry is that we’ve attracted partnerships with brands that make such a wonderful extension of our content. It’s always a win-win.”

In corporate partnerships, there is the potential for things to go wrong when it comes to payment. A situation Melissa unfortunately knows alot about.

“I was a premier influencer with a particular company and they filed for bankruptcy while owing us $70,000 outstanding in campaigns with national brands. We were able to resolve half of this total, but there is still quite a bit of money floating around.”

This experience changed the way she goes about billing clients.

“It’s helped me to be more systematic about following up on payment statuses so that we will avoid any similar predicaments in the future, even with our best clients.”

 @bestfriendsforfrosting theright.fit interview

What are your top tips for growing a social media profile?

When theright.fit speaks to social media influencers and creatives about their social media tips, they will generally mention one of two tips: be consistent and be authentic. Here are Melissa’s top three tips for growing your social media presense.

1. Update consistently

“You need to make sure your readers don’t forget who you are!” Melissa laughs.

2. Curate great content

“If you’re catering for a visually driven audience like we do at BFFF, the writing voice, the tone, the colours and feelings you’re sharing need to be consistent and speak to the heart of your brand.

3. Always offer readers value

“Always be thinking about what you can offer your readers. Consider how your content can enrich their life. Remember, people will never forget how you made them feel!”

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Where do you see social media and your brand in five years time?

Melissa says it’s hard to know where social media will be so far in the future because it’s evolving and changing every day.

“If I had to predict one thing,” she says, “I think retina displays will be so advanced that all videos will look like you’re literally face to face with a person. And I bet social media platforms will form some sort of play on that.”

In terms of where she sees herself as a businesswoman in the same time frame, Melissa has a plan or two.

I want to evolve BFFF in multiple ways under one umbrella. BFFF will be the megaphone to future projects that I cannot wait to dive into deeper soon! I do plan to dive into my blog coaching series more aggressively in 2018. We have a product line in the planning phases. I would love to release a book. The list goes on and on,” Melissa says. 

“The more ways we can spread joy, enrich the lives of others, and change lives fulfills me more than any dollar sign!”

 @bestfriendsforfrosting theright.fit interview

What are your favourite social media accounts to follow?

“I love this question!” Melissa smiles. “There are so many amazing influencers on Instagram. My top five favourites are definitely:






 You can visit Melissa Johnson on our platform or find Best Friends For Frosting on:

Facebook @BestFriendsForFrosting

Instagram @bestfriendsforfrosting

and Pinterest

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