We sat down with influencer, photographer and mother Katherine Dorrington to chat about her constantly growing social media presence and all things influencer marketing.

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@katherinedorrington theright.fit photographer interview series

Being on social media: what it’s done for me

Katherine says using social media platforms like Instagram and becoming a social media influencer has “opened up a new world.” 

“In terms of my professional development, being on social media has pushed me to try new things and step outside of my comfort zone which is a really good thing for personal growth.”

Being engaged on Instagram has meant Katherine can develop her business as a photographer and stylist.

“It’s nice to have this side interest to complement my day job,” she says, “particularly as it’s creatively challenging in a completely different way.”

Keeping a balance

Although being on social media has its perks, she says that you need to be able to “strike a balance”.

“As a society we need to strike a balance between our love of social media and our relationships in the ‘real world’. I have found an incredible community on Instagram, so much so that I have planned trips to meet up with people I met on Instagram who I now call friends! The community that surrounds me online are generous, positive and inspire me with their talent and creativity.” 

Katherine says social media platforms allow people from around the world who share the same passions and interests to connect. An opportunity that wasn’t around ten or fifteen years ago.

“It’s incredible that we can find a group of people from around the world who are interested in the same things as us and who we can share images and ideas with everyday. But I’m also really aware that spending a lot of time glued to my phone also takes me away from the precious people in my life, including my kids and husband.’

“It’s important for me to be mindful of this and to maintain a healthy balance between my screen friends and engaging with the people sitting in the same room as me.”

Working with brands: influencer collaboration and managing partnerships

Katherine says that it’s important for her to work with brands that she’s passionate about because that passion and interest will show up in the images she creates.

“I really try and stay focused on working with brands that I love, that I have a connection with and who push me to create my best work through their creativity with their brief.”

When it comes to managing payment with clients, Katherine admits that it can be a difficult.

“I’ve been really lucky and I’ve been paid for all the jobs that I’ve done,” she says. “In saying that, I hate paperwork and theright.fit’s “request a payment feature” is definitely something that would help.”

Top tips to growing a social media profile

1) Be active

2) Build your community

“But build it for the genuine enjoyment of having an interactive and engaged community rather than to grow your numbers,” Katherine says.

3) Be authentic

“Stay true to yourself. And don’t fake it with bots!”

@katherinedorrington theright.fit photographer interview series

Social media and your brand in the next five years

In terms of where she sees social media in five years time, Katherine believes it will be even more a part of our lives.

“I think the way that social media is seamlessly integrated into our lives will be even greater than it is now. I find that quite scary to think about to be honest and while I think social media is an incredible tool to connect with people, it is really important to step away from the screen every now and then. And to not take ourselves too seriously!”

Where does Katherine see herself in five years time? Doing what she’s doing now but on a bigger scale.

“Hopefully I’ll still be sharing lots of images with my followers!”

@katherinedorrington theright.fit influencer interview series

The five social media accounts we should all be following

@thedesignfiles  “I’ve loved the blog for years and admire everything they do!”

@annaremarchuk “She takes consistently beautiful images on her iPhone.”

@anna.cor “She’s a stylist and photographer whose style I adore!”

@mysuburbanfarm “An Australian creator who has a beautiful aesthetic.”

@floretfower “For their incredible flowers!”

@katherinedorrington theright.fit influencer interview series

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