For Lee, the creative mastermind behind the Instagram handle @theonlyblondeone, becoming a social media influencer has been changed everything about her day to day life.

Before her Instagram and social media presence gained traction, she was doing the 9-5 corporate grind. 

Social media was just something fun she did on the side but the growth she has experienced over the past three years, now reaching over 300K followers on her Instagram, has allowed her to quit the corporate gig. 

“It’s completely changed everything for me.  Social media has become my full time job. 

I no longer have to travel to an office everyday. It’s provided me with so many opportunities and has also allowed me to meet some amazing people. I’m now more focused on experiences and travelling rather than just trying to get to the weekend!” Lee said.

@theonlyblondeone social media influencer interview

Knowing your brand and working with brands

There’s no doubt that brands are starting to understand the value of influencer collaboration and influencer marketing.  But Lee says it’s essential for a social media influencer to know their own brand before they consider aligning themselves with a particular company or product.

“I often turn down collaborations when I think the brand isn’t suited to my followers. I think brands are starting to understand the types of reach influencers have, whether its international or local. Insights (social media data) should be used to see if there is a good match between a brand and an influencer.”

For Lee, growing your following is all about authenticity and consistency, a theme many influencers has interviewed have come back to.

“You need to stick to your niche,” Lee says. “Whether that’s travel, fitness or food. You need to stick to it and be consistent. Post to your channels regularly and make sure you’re active.
You get what you give!”

When it comes to organising payment with brands and corporate entities, Lee says a payment platform like’s “request a payment feature” would be a great help in simplifying the process.

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Social media in five years time

When asked where she sees social media in five years time, Lee is quick to respond.

“I think its still going to be massive! I’m pretty sure YouTube will continue to grow and potentially another app will be created that takes off as much as Instagram did.”

Lee acknowledges that the social media world can at times be isolating but this is outweighed by the support she receives from her followers online.

“I can see the argument that social media is making us more isolated and anti-social. At times it can feel quite isolating even though you may have this big community of followers behind you. But on the flip side, there is so much support online from other influencers as well as followers,” Lee says.

“I often refer to my Instagram followers as my “insta fam” because I feel like we are a little community. You just have to look at some of the big instagrammers and YouTubers to see how massive these online communities can get!”

@theonlyblondeone model and social media influencer

Adapting to the digital world

The internet never sleeps, a fact Lee has come to understand well since her profile skyrocketed.

“You learn to live off minimum sleep,” she said. “I feel like it never stops.  When you factor in working with people and brands from all over the world there’s no such thing as 9-5. It’s important to learn how to multitask.”

Despite the fast paced nature of the digital world, Lee says it’s important to take some time out, as you would in any job.

“I’ve also learnt that its important to allow yourself to take breaks and have some time away from your phone and emails,” Lee said. 

@theonlybloneone influencer interview series

The top five social media accounts you should be following

When you ask a social media superstar who they like to follow, they light up. They are itching to share the accounts that make them smile, laugh or think.

1) @instaalcoholic 

Lee says this account is the “best meme page…I’m always tagging friends in their posts!” she laughs.

2) @hairbyjaxx 

This account posts the best braids, according to Lee. 

3) @bybrookelle 

“This account is my instagram girl crush,” Lee says.

4) @samearp 

 “For his stunning photos!”

5) @lifeofpikelet 

 All Lee says about this account is “trust me on this one”. 

We’re willing to take her word for it!

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